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The top ten things that I’ve garnered from Hubpages

Updated on December 11, 2014

Now there are a couple of things that I’ve been able to effectively assimilate during my time here at hubpages. Some of which are a little bit contrasting. But that’s one thing I’ve learned to accept about this prolific site. You never know what next to Expect. These top things are divided into two categories; knowledge and things I relish.

Top Ten!!!!!!!

Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

I Enjoy.......

Getting to read interesting articles: Now there are lots of writers on hubpages who all have interesting materials for their viewers to prowl. Now I assume that like all people who like to write you must then love to read as well. This has been a thumbs up feature for me. There are tons of interesting articles that I’ve seen such as . And the best thing is that as you read you can learn two ways. You can learn interesting info’s and also learn how to make a brilliant hub from the writer’s style.

Feeling the joy of your work being published: I remember the first time that I published my first hub. I almost called all of my family to have a look at the new writer in the house. It truly is a good feeling to know that you have your material floating around somewhere on the internet. Therefore I would encourage anyone to take this up as hobby. You’ll be surprised how much empty spaces hubpages can fill!

Meeting new people: So okay, it’s the first time I’ve ever talked to anyone from Britain; In my entire life! And this is directly because of me being on Hubpages. And yes I’ve never traveled anywhere in the world. Jamaica has always been my home. But with Hubpages I feel as if I’m everywhere. The comments you get from visitors to your sites is like a one on one conversation with them in their living room. Neat!

The sense of silent competitions between writers: Now I’m going to reveal something about myself. I love competitions; which is probably why I play so much video games. I don’t know but I get a slight sense of ongoing competitions whenever I’m on hubpages. Whether it’s a group of writers who share similar topics, a couple of younger writers like myself competing for the next best wowing articles or simply hubbers trying to grow fast enough to capture a lot visitors and followers. In anyway, you can always feel the tension in the atmosphere before you publish your next article.

For me the hope, of earning one day on Hubpages: Now even though this one is new to me, I’ve done my research and have learnt how Hubbers actually can earn a constant living from their hubs (Top hubbers earn at least 300+ a month). I would like for this to be me one day. I could just picture myself seeing the first cent on my hubpages earning site. I hope the computer is still in one piece when I’m done celebrating.

Exploring random articles

Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

What about you guys

Have you Enjoyed any of these?

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I have learnt

  • Time management: Since my time here on hubpages I’ve had to learn about proper time management. Even though we all like the joy of Publishing a new hub and increasing our stats, things have to be done in effectively managed proportions. This means two things.

  1. Sometimes the more time you take to write a hub the better it will be.
  2. You may also have other responsibilities that need your attention which means that you can’t always give hub Hubpages 100% your time.

  • Teaches the Importance of team work: If there is one thing that I’ve learnt during my time here at Hubpages it’s that we can’t all do it by ourselves. The main reason for writing a hub is so that you can get people to read it. But how will people read your articles if nobody knows you? This is where teamwork presents itself. Just like I had stated in my other hub; Hubpages is an interdependent construct where writers work together and become prolific together. Therefore sometimes you have to take the first leap. Read someone else’s article and comment on it. follow another writer and they might just answer back. Even though you’re the one in need you may have to sometimes be the Samaritan! That’s how I got my first follower.

  • Enhanced writing skill: One of the next best things I’ve learnt from Hubpages is how to write; plain and simple. I mean surely I don’t believe I’m fully there yet but I can see how I form sentences changing over time. I’m always looking for or 90+ when I write my next article. Hopefully I’ll be lucky with this one.

  • How to broadcast myself on the internet: Before my days on Hubpages I was generally a loner on the internet, I hated Social Media’s and wanted nothing to do with anyone but my family and a few friends. Horrible right! But nowadays I’ve had to change some of that old thinking so that I can get my articles recognized on the internet. This means that I’ve had to create links in my hubs to sites that can attract visitors, link my gmail followers to Hubpages and etc... In the one month I’ve been here it’s been a long road.
  • Researching ethics: One of the parts I like; getting the information. Now most of the articles that I’ve written so far such as - (Cheers! 1 Month on Hubpages,Usain Bolt in the Pool!, Why Jamaicans run so fast?, Naked reggae music!,The truth about Jamaica,Why Jamaicans run so fast Part 2!!!!!). Most of these require that I have enough credible information to be able to write them. Being on Hubpages has forced me to be go out and surf the internet effectively so that my contents can remain authentic and true. In other words this has helped to build my researching ethics.

A balance!!!

Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

What about you?

Have learnt any of these too?

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    • Dwight Phoenix profile image

      Dwight Phoenix 2 years ago from Jamaica

      Thank you manatita for your kind words.........

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Nice Hub, Dwight. Welcome here and keep on writing. Good luck with your studies. Some useful ideas that you've observed or noted. Much Peace.