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3 Things I have discovered in 5 weeks of using HubPages

Updated on September 20, 2015
All my crap together
All my crap together | Source

1. HubPages is an inspiration machine. Likewise Hubbers.

My first Hub was a very 'safe' topic for me - whether Windows 10 is a good upgrade option. Then followed an article about a strange incident from almost 2 decades ago, which was out of my comfort zone. I wrote a couple more computer-related Hubs, and a semi-theological one. What really surprised me was how a teenage Hubber's (whom I feel quite protective of) Hub inspired me to think about and analyze my past and gain insights into why I am how I am.

I could not have imagined myself writing about 'feelings-y' stuff before HubPages. For some reason, this outlet has allowed me to explore my own thoughts and thought processes in a way I hadn't anticipated before; there is something about the act of writing on a topic that elucidates facts in new, unforeseen ways.

More than anything, constant inspiration has been the best thing to have come out of Hubbing for me.

Online discussions about religion and politics should end like this
Online discussions about religion and politics should end like this

2. Talking sense and making sense are two different things

I have had some robust discussions with people from different backgrounds, political leanings and outlooks on life in these 5 weeks.

I have led a fairly interesting and traveled life and met people from different backgrounds, political leanings and outlooks on life since I was a kid.

The major difference I noticed between the two is that people discussing ideas on a screen sometimes pretend they don't understand if you make a point that they don't have an answer for.

I don't know why that is - I would have assumed it's easier to concede a point if you aren't sitting across a table from someone but virtually anonymous and god-knows how many miles away.

HubPages Q&A is addictive. Even when the answers don't make sense.

3. Really, everyone is a nice person inside

From the wonderful people who wrote 'fan mail' that is so nice that it makes me blush (not really, but you know what I mean) to the Hubbers who see eye-to-eye with me on almost everything and give a sense of fraternity to sitting and typing on a screen, to the ones who argue with me with or without suspecting that I may have once have held views exactly like theirs, HubPages has allowed me to explore the part of their lives that are Hubs.

That exploration brings everyone down to a base level - individuals who just want to be happy. Their views and methods may differ but, in the end, every single one is trying to do what they believe will bring comfort, pleasure or something else positive to other Hubbers or whoever else reads their words.

All the really good Kumbayah memes had too many profanities..
All the really good Kumbayah memes had too many profanities..

Where to from here?

So, 3 things in 5 weeks.

That's not quite accurate - I have read close to 150 hubs, I think, and have learned many, many more things. These 3 things were on a whole different level - realizations more than knowledge.

As I sit here typing this, I have two more Hubs in progress - one is feeling-y, probably my most soppy production til date (so much so that I am not even sure I will even publish it) and the other is typically-Terrex fare. It strikes me that I started writing the latter as a 'balance' for the former.

What other realizations will come to me in the next 5 weeks? Whatever they will be, I am sure I will be pleasantly surprised.

If you had similar feelings when you started Hubbing/after you had been Hubbing for some time, I would love to hear about them in the Comments.


Kumbayah Memes

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    • Terrex profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Hey Swalia. I got lost for a couple of months, and I am easing back in now.

    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 

      3 years ago from India

      though i have been around for a while, but i became an active hubber only recently. i agree with your observations.


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