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Why Is This A Money Making Hub!

Updated on January 10, 2014

Is This A Money Making Hub?

This is a real example of a hub that makes money. This is a money making hub! Actually, all hubs are money making hubs and can potentially become part of a network of hubs that can collectively produce a nice little residual income.

In fact, this hub is a hub about writing hubs for the purpose of making money. That is why I have given it to hubpages. Might even give it to some other article directories, too.

You see, that is the key to making money on the internet. You write an article about something that people are likely to be searching for, in this case 'MONEY MAKING' and then you give the article away to all the article directories for free. It may seem a little unusual, but that is how the internet works.

Creating a Money Making Article

There are a few basic things that you will first need to understand about writing articles for the purpose of making money.

1. The first and probably the most important thing that you must do is to write a title that will catch the readers attention. This title needs to incorporate your primary keywords within it. As you can see, my keywords are 'Money Making' and it obviously caught your attention, otherwise you wouldn't be here reading it now.

2. Make the titles of your articles relevant to the content that is to follow. You don't want your readers to feel like they have been tricked into reading something that is entirely unrelated. Relevance is very, very important.

3. Give your article a short description (once again, it must be relevant) that will grab the readers attention and make them want to take the time to read your articles. It is probably a good idea to tell your readers about what it is that they will find in your articles. You may like to just use the first few sentences of your article for this purpose. Don't give away too much though. Just enough to raise their curiosity levels.

4. Provide them with useful information, tutorials, and RELEVANT stories. All of the above is good!

5. Make sure to put your chosen keywords in the article body as well as in subtitles and headings. This is done for the purpose of making it a little easier for the search engines to establish what your articles are actually about. You will notice that I have used the keywords 'Money Making' in all of the titles, headings, and subheadings of this hub, and what do you know = I just used it again in the body.

6. For those of you that are familiar with article directories, you are aware of the fact that they allow the authors to use an article resource box. 'IF' you are not using it, you should be, because your authors resource box is what is going to entice the reader to click through and visit your website. Your authors resource box should be brief and to the point. It is a good idea that you DON'T talk too much about yourself. It is better to talk about why the reader needs to visit your website instead.


7. Make money from your websites.

You can monetize a website in many different ways, display ads are common, or you may like to sell affiliated products. Either one is effective.

To Summarize this Money Making Hub!

Articles are a very effective and F.R.E.E. way to drive hordes of traffic to a money making website and therefore can indirectly be classified as money making articles. You just have to write them with a goal in mind, make the information useful for the reader, and then submit them to the article directories. (or

In this article (hub) called this is a money making hub, I have outlined a basic process that can be used by anyone to make money by way of article marketing.

What I have left out thus far, is which directories you should submit your articles to. I have left this information out for a very important reason, too.


It is important that you leave some things out and try to entice the reader to perform some specific action that will direct them to more information.

What Action?

You know what action I am talking about. You need to 'click here' or 'go to' to get the rest of the information. In this case, though - the 'click here' and the 'go to' have not been linked.

Today, I am just going to tell you exactly what it is that I want you to do, and that is visit my hub pages profile page and take a look at some of my other hubs.

Signing off!

Thanx again for reading...


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