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Tips I Have Learned To Make Writing On Hubpages More Rewarding

Updated on September 17, 2012

People write on Hubpages for different reasons. Some individuals write to make a little extra money while others write just for the pleasure that writing entails or have a passion for a certain subject. I, like most people, write for a combination of reasons and want to pass on some tips I have learned in writing articles for Hubpages.

Some of these tips are just common sense while others are ways I have devised to help in controlling your hubs, especially if you have many hubs by using spreadsheets.

One of the most useful but simple tips I use is to chop up my article into different text capsules. This is a straightforward process. I use the free word processor “OpenOffice.” and break my article down by coping and pasting my article in different text capsules. I usually use at least three text capsules, often many more. The reason I do this helps me in a few different ways. First, it's easier to edit my hub by concentrating on one text capsule at a time. Second reason, it's easier to add other capsules such as the Amazon, eBay, comment, poll and other capsules and position them between the different text capsules until I have the look I want.

Another plus is if you need to come back to your hub and add a new product or to update your text. This is very helpful to me when I want to link my different hubs to each other. I often write related subjects that refer to an older hub. I can go back to the older hub and insert a link capsule and position it to the right of the relevant text capsule.

I think Hubpages is a great, easy to understand writing platform, but that being said, there are some aspects of Hubpages that frustrate me, specifically the ability to organize your links to other hubs you may have wrote. I realize there are people out there that have many hubs, some have hundreds and maybe a few have thousands. It's a must to associate your hubs together using the links of your different hubs to increase your reading audience.

Hubpages has a feature called “Groups” where you can combine your different related hubs in categories you make and name but this really doesn’t help you pull up the direct link to those hubs.

What I do is use a simple spread sheet and insert my Hubpage links under different headings. So say I'm writing a hub about photography, I can go to my spread sheet (using OpenOffice again, I like free stuff) and look under my photography heading and pull up the links I want of my other photography hubs and insert them into my new hub.

I have to admit I'm a late comer to using the referral tracker provided by Hubpages. I think I may have lost potential revenue by not using these trackers but I'm embracing them in a big way now. There are a few ways to use this feature but basically I'm using them by inserting the referral trackers in links of hubs I’m writing, to links of other hubs I have wrote. (A referral tracker is inserted into a link and readers that click on that link and join Hubpages gets the writer of the link 10% of revenue created by the new writer.)

So if you do use my method of using a spreadsheet to organize your hub links remember to add referral trackers to your links in the spreadsheet.

I use a PC so this may not help Apple users. When I write a new hub I'm always doing research on the web and when I find information I want to keep handy or find a name, phrase, or more likely a link I want to use I copy them to my Notepad in windows

. I always leave Notepad open when I write. This helps in two ways. I gather all the information I want to use through multiple web sites on one easy to access page which I can refer to by going back and forth between my word processor and Notepad. Secondly, If I want to copy a name or phase from the internet I will first copy it to Notepad. I will then copy it yet again from Notepad before I paste it into my word processor.

Some may already know this trick but the reason I do it this way is because when you copy text from the web it's not “clean” text which means you may get unwanted lines or characters when you paste the text to your word processor. When you paste the text from the web to Notepad it strips away everything and leave you just plain text which you can then recopy and post in your word processor.

I have a bookmark called “Writing Tools” on my web browser. I have many different websites under this bookmark to help me write but two of these all hub writers should be familiar with. Both help you get your new hub into search engines quickly, but depending on the quality of your hub not guaranteed. (More often then not your hub will be accepted.)

There are two main players to submit your hub pages too so they will get entered into search engines. Google and Bing. Google needs no explanation. Bing is a a Microsoft search engine. Yahoo is joining forces with Bing so when you submit your hub to Bing you also submit it to yahoo.

Links You Should Bookmark: Great all around Dictionary/Thesaurus/Quote/Reference tool Google submission Bing/yahoo submission

Finally, here is what I do when I finish my new hub. I submit it to both Google and Bing then to a free blog I have with Google. Google calls their free blogs “Blogger” which any one can create and own. I registered a domain name called which costs me about $10.00 a year. I then forward this domain to my Google blog so that when people type in they will get directed to my Google blog. On this blog I do a very simple and brief summary to the new hub I have just written on Hubpages. This gives me a back link to my hub and also puts all my blogs under one domain name. This is still a work in process. People that have adsense can possibly make more money by putting their adsense account on their Google blogger account.

I hope this article will help some individuals. I'm always open to new suggestions and always willing to learn and also open to any questions where I may be of help.


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    • cmiller0161 profile image

      Claire Miller 5 years ago

      Thank you for this - really good tips! Useful and voted up :)

    • redwhiskeypete profile image

      redwhiskeypete 5 years ago from Indiana

      Your welcome, I have been on here much longer and just now getting excited about using the referral tracker

    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 5 years ago from Canada

      This hub was really useful. I've been on here about six months and have not been using the referral tracker, but it sounds like I should be. Thanks for the tip.