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Tips for Protecting your Identity

Updated on March 29, 2016

How You Can Help Yourself In Keeping Your Identity Safe

In the world we live in today it has become increasingly harder to keep our personal information safe and out of the hands of others. We live in an electronic world. A world in which we surf the internet, shop the internet, blog, write, respond, and socialize. This world has caused us to be careless, open, and negligent. We give out our name, phone number, address. We post photos of ourselves, family, our homes, and cars. We confide our relationship status, identify our friends, disclose where we work, go to school, and the list goes on. Is it any wonder that all of us haven't already had our identities stolen and our credit destroyed?

There are many things that you can do to protect yourself. Some of these things however will put a damper on your electronic social life.

1. Make all profiles on social websites and the internet private except to close friends.

2. Remove your phone number, address, geographical location, place of employment, school, and photo from the internet.

3. On social websites make your friends and associates private to the public.

4. Stop giving out your driver's license number, social security number, and phone number. Believe it or not a lot of people still do this. When presenting a check to a retailer or supermarket refuse to write it on the check when requested. It's not needed and it's their problem. If a retailer insists take your business elsewhere.

5. Residential mailboxes. So archaic and so dangerous. Placing mail in a mail box that is unsecured is crazy. Anyone can remove your mail and start gathering private data on you. Everyone's mail at one time or another contains bills, account numbers, credit card statements, utility statements, mortgage information, insurance information, and more. All of the aforementioned will have enough information about you to give a criminal everything they need to open up credit, steel your identity, and more.

Give up that mailbox and get a PO box!

Additionally there are many more things that can be done to protect identity.

Shred your bills and receipts.

Password protect everything and change passwords often.

Don't respond to unsolicited offers for personal information.

Install Malware protection, virus protection, and a firewall on your computer.

Run credit reports on yourself twice a year or more if suspicious activity is suspected.

Hopefully this information has been helpful and will change the way you do things.


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