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Tips for Making More Money on Hubpages

Updated on January 4, 2014


Hubpages is a great site to create helpful information for others. It is also a great way to make some extra cash. I have been using Hubpages for 2 years and I have really started to get the hang of it. However, I wish I had more time to post great hubs like me. When I first started my hub I only had a couple of posts. It was a great outlet for me and I thought I would be able to keep up with it, but I wasn't. However, even when I wasn't constantly writing new hubs I was still making money. A few of my hubs have been feature on Hubpages and constantly receive traffic meaning I am constantly receiving money, but don't be confused. I am not making thousands of dollars or anything like that, but I am making a little petty cash.

Easy Tips

Easy Tips for /making Money on Hubpages:

  • Write as many hubs as you can. The more hubs you have, the more traffic you will get hands down. More traffic = More money!
  • Write a new hub at every week. You should try and write as frequently as you can. This way you are generating new content frequently. People always want to read the latest ad the greatest content.
  • Write about things that are in demand. Write about new products, new technologies. When it's new, it's hot and more people will find it because the topic hasn't been saturated yet.
  • Write summaries on all of your hubs. People are more likely to read your hub if they have a snippet about what your hub is really about. If you don't have a summary then you are missing out on potential viewers and profit.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote! Let as many people you know know about your Hubpages. You page needs some traffic and you can give it that extra boost by recommending it to people you know.
  • Put links to your hubs on social networks, blogs, Youtube anything you can think of. This goes hand and hand with promoting. Social networking is your best bet, but be sure not too be annoying by posting your link where it is not wanted.
  • Use as many keywords are you can think of in your article. Keywords are key. You want to make sure that your hub will show up first when your hub topic is searched. Long titles without keywords will not produce favorable results for you. Your search could end up on the last page without the proper use of keywords,
  • Don't make your article too lengthy. This will cause you to lose your reader. No one wants to read an extremely long hub, but be sure not to make it too short either. The more you write the easier it will be to find the balance.
  • Monitor your tracking so you know which hubs get the most attention. Pay close attention to your hubs so you know which ones are getting more traffic. There must be some reason that particular hub is getting more traffic than your other ones.
  • Read other peoples hubs and encourage them to read yours. What goes around comes around. Share the love and encourage other hubbers.
  • Comment on different hubs. This is a part of being supportive. The more you comment, the more likely someone else will be to return the favor. However, be sure to keep it genuine. No one wants to read a harsh and irrelevant comment.
  • Make your hubs relate-able and easy to read. People want to feel like they can relate. That is what makes them come back for more. Also, put some of your personality into your writing. People want to feel like your talking directly to them.
  • Write about something that makes you happy. You'll have an easier time writing about it. You don't want this to become work. Yes you might be making, but the whole point of this is to be fun. I know the post was about making money by using Hubpages, but this is not the main goal. Please be mindful of that.
  • :) Be positive. I'm sure you guessed it. No one wants to read a negative hub. Unless it is gossip, but this is not the place for it. Keep your posts positive and keep pushing forward.

Hope this has helped. However, don't expect to make money right away. I took me months to make my first penny. Please keep this in mind. Happy Hubbing :)


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    • Chuck Bluestein profile image

      Chuck Bluestein 6 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      Thanks! I am working on it.