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Top 10 tips to concentrate on studies

Updated on December 5, 2016

Get the easiest of methods to study smartly and increase the chance to succeed quickly

Do you know that concentration in studies is something, which you need to greatly adhere to? Yes, even few minutes of carelessness, may turn your mind away from studies and you may not like to study for another couple of hours or so. After all, it happens with so many people that for few minutes we concentrate, then it breaks.
Sometimes, the wall in-front of us become more interesting than our books.

Most of the times, we tend to actively and zealously try plans to concentrate, but it only lasts for few minutes. Yes, we make timetable and then our thought process simply crumbles.

So, how to start?

Well, instead of doing big planning, start slowly.

Yes, for example,

Create small plans initially

Make a time table where you need to mentally prepare yourself to concentrate for as little as 20 minutes in the beginning, then take a break. Likewise, start to study again followed by taking “another” break. Yes, follow the same procedure

Know your peak time

Secondly, know your peak time of concentration. It varies individually. Few people study at late night, while others reciprocate well during early morning. This is the best way to concentrate which differs. So, you should know your preference.

Reward yourself

If you worked your way into doing something in accomplishing the task, then do your thing which you like the best. Yes, it will help you to concentrate more. Gift yourself with something which you actually like for yourself. It can be anything such as playing your favourite game or munching your delicious cake etc.

Ensure that everything is ready

Most of the times , while we start to study, we may feel, that we have forgotten to take the scale, or the water bottle etc. This prevents us to work in a cool and composed manner. Yes, mostly, we tend to go every now and then to bring one or the other thing. Then we don’t even realize, but it happens, that our studies suffer immensely.

Take adequate sleep so that you can work in a fresh manner.

Convert your worries into preparation. Yes, it is of no use to worry and don’t panic. But if you do, then tell yourself, that “I have to convert my worries into preparation”. Also, there are times when our anxieties hinder our process, For example, if we have fought with others. Well, what you need to do is to forgive others and don’t utter something which may become the basis for you to feel sad and unhappy

Check your diet

Take regular meals, rather than having one big meal. The things which should be strictly avoided are artificial sugar, fried eatables, coffee, potato and energy drinks. Yes, they only add up to the sugar level and besides giving a bad signal to your health, they equally make you feel fatty and drowsy in the process as well.

Closely monitor your surroundings

It is important to study on chair rather than on bed. Or else you tend to feel lazy and soon lie down. Other than that, try to remain in a secluded environment where there is minimal activities taking place. So that you can actually concentrate fully. Similarly, don’t let the phone anyway near you, especially if you don’t need to browse educational sites online. Since, it becomes hard to control the urge for checking notifications of our phone.

Do paste a sheet

Paste the following queries on a piece of plain paper in such a manner that it should be visible:-

  • Why I need to study?
  • What my parents expect me to do?
  • How can I better enhance my professional career further?

As you regularly find the reasons for studying, you will be naturally motivated as well.

Priorities your tasks

Yes, do the important and challenging tasks first, as the mind is so fresh which helps you to concentrate fully. Yes, that’s important to actually create a sense of understanding for you and you feel comparably light as well. Thus, minimising your tensions and worries further.

Do meditation

Methods such as yoga and meditation will help you. You can equally do deep breathing for lessening the tensions, which were associated up-till now.


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