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Top 3 Most Underated Traffic Generation Strategies

Updated on October 12, 2017
Traffic Generation Strategies
Traffic Generation Strategies

While reading this post, you’re going to notice something interesting.

…you’re going to realize that you know everything you need to know to create an unstoppable force of targeted traffic.

Everyone’s always talking about traffic generation, wondering how they can create more traffic and open new streams of it.

Heck, marketers who’ve been online for 10 years are still asking this question. The reality is traffic generation is super easy and there are dozens of viable options for every kind of marketer.

Once you find a source of traffic that is both economically viable and also converts well with whatever it is you’re selling; stick with it and scale. Even if you’ve just got on the Internet and you’re marketing some kind of six pack ab Clickbank product.

It’s really not going to take you that long to find a traffic generation strategy that works. The hardest part about Internet Marketing is creating a high converting offer. Once you’ve created a high converting offer, it’s just about tapping into different sources of traffic and seeing what works.

As long as you have an offer that you know people will buy; it’s only a matter of time before you find a source of traffic that works. With that said, I want to talk about the 3 most underrated sources of traffic.

Three sources of traffic that have always worked, and always will. Sources that are practically free and have numerous benefits. Sources that have cumulative effects.

When you use these sources in conjunction with each other; you’ll create a steam of laser targeted passive traffic. You’ll even build your site authority and Page Rank in the process resulting in higher rankings and another source of traffic.

1. Blog Commenting

So this has got to be the most underated traffic generation strategy in the world. You know how many people click on people’s links via blog comments? A few percent of visitors do according to my Analytics.

A few percent isn’t much, but it’s enough to siphon serious traffic from the most high traffic blogs in your niche. Simply leave high quality comments on the latest blog posts of all the most popular blogs in your niche.

The newer the posts the better, as your links will appear near the top of the comments. Add your name, a quality comment and make sure to add a link to your site. Blog commenting works, people don’t just do it on a big enough scale.

Lots of high earnings marketers will scoff at you for blog commenting, but the reality is it can be built up to a 500 or 1000+ visitors a day source of traffic. Do it yourself, then hire some $300/month Filipino to post blog comments 8 hours/day.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting, another widely known strategy that barely anyone really uses. If you ever learn to blog, take a learn blogging course or whatever; the first strategy you’ll learn is guest posting.

Which is effectively just posting blog posts on other blogs in your niche as a guest author. In return for the free high quality content, you get an author bio with a link back to your site.

Start small. Guest post on all the low-medium traffic sites in your niche. Slowly work your way up to the biggest sites. Each guest post on average might send you 200 visitors per month, publish 500 of them and that’s 100,000 visitors a month.

3. Forum Posting

Forum posting is by far the most effective of the 3 strategies. Not because it’ll drive the most traffic (which it arguably will for the effort); but because it drives laser targeted visitors.

Forums are communities of people who all share an interest in something. There are forums in every niche on the Internet. Thousands in some niches. Forums allow you to start threads and reply to them, engaging in conversation, while learning and teaching things.

Forums allow members to add a link in what’s called a forum signature. This is a little box that is displayed below all of your forum posts. Add a link to your site in the your forum signature with a powerful call to action. Start posting on the top 5-10 forums in your niche. Hire someone else to do this.

When starting a new site, forum posting and blog commenting are two things that can be completely outsourced for virtually no money at all. They’re next to free strategies can drive series traffic. Hire a $300/month guy in the Philippines to post blog comments and forum posts all day; it’ll be worth it. Even if you’re spending $10,000 a month on paid ads.

These shouldn’t be your main sources of traffic. There are many more viable, faster and more abundant sources like Facebook advertising, solo ads, media buys and Google PPC.

However, if your paid traffic sources dry up one day, maybe the companies change the rules; you’ll still have a constant flow of new visitors from these strategies. That’s why these methods are important.


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