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Making Money Online ; Top 5 Hubbers you must listen to

Updated on October 12, 2010

Why listen to other Hubbers?

There are several Hubbers here on Hubpages that can help you make money. In fact I apologize to those that I have not included in this article. Being a hubber myself, I read several hubs a day. The only way to make money on hubpages is to learn how to become a professional at what you are doing. That being said, how do we learn to be proffesional? By following the examples of others. There is not a teacher in this world that didn't have a former teacher. This being said, you can expect for the ones that you learn from to be making more money than you and that is quite alright. Do they not deserve it? After all they have given you gems to work with when they didn't have to. Most of them were making money way before giving useful advice to fellow hubbers.

The Quest for Cash

Even though I have only been a member of hubpages for 2 weeks as I am writing this, I have learned several key implements that I did not realize existed. When I first started blogging I thought hey maybe $50 a month to buy a couple DVDs with. I have come to find out that the potential is far greater than that. People are earning livings on hubpages. There are at least 5 people just on hubpages making over $2,000 per month. I don't know where you are from, but the average annual income in Mississippi is around $15,000 to $20,000 and most of those jobs are legit, hard work. So the idea of making more than the average annual income for me is enough to make my mouth water. In a 2 week period, just by following tips and advice of the fellow hubbers I have increased my page views by 2,000%. Just by following simple steps.

So who are the Best Hubbers that can help you make money?

I have listed the best hubbers that have helped me over the past 2 weeks in no exact order:

SEO at It's Best


Ryan Kett is definitely a wise individual. He has several useful hubs such as "My Hubpages Adsense and Amazon Earnings Disclosed" , "Free Backlinks and DoFollow Websites", and "Blog Submission Sites". The most attractive thing about Ryan is that he is making money. If you are a Hubber just starting out these are all pages you have to visit. They will show you how to make the best of your resources on Hubpages and Backlink/DoFollow websites and increase your chances of making money with adsense.

My Top Ten Gal

Patty Inglish, MS

Patty is by far in the top 5 Hubbers if not the best I have seen. I call her my Top Ten Gal because she does a lot of hubs about top 10 places, jobs, recipes and whatever else the mind can possible fathom. I read nearly every hub she posts for the sole fact to learn how she is laying out her subject matter and content. Patty isn't one of the self promoting writers out there. She actually puts a lot of work into her hubs. Her example alone shows how you can make money by writing about virtually anything. I don't have enough time to list all my favorite hubs, but one of my favorite because of the way she lays it out is Top 10 States for Jobs and Low Unemployment 2010. Fellow hubbers, if you follow this lady's example you will learn more than you can contain. I suggest writing it down or making a file on your PC.

I'm in love with a Tipper

Miss Zsuzsy is yet another different form of writer than the previously stated two. She is what I like to call the tip lady. If there's something you wanna know just truck on over to her profile and search through her many hubs. One of her best hubs, Home-made anti-wrinkle Lotion is another example of how you can become successful by just showing some old folk remedies and tricks. She has a lot of how to's and tips for countless things, also some pretty funny ones. Way to go Zsuzsy. I love your work.

The Elf Herself


Elle is what I like to call a know it all Hubber. I'm not saying that in any insulting way either. She really is a hubber that covers every aspect of profiting on blog pages. In her vast publications you can find diamond rings to power drills to speech classes. Being a guy and only 25 years of age I'd have to say my favorite hub of hers is the Viagra Hub. While not having any problems with ED right now, I will probably be punished for liking to read these types of hubs. Don't get me wrong, she wrote this with great detail and information. It is a must read, if not for a patient in need, just so you can see her brilliance. Elle is a member of Hubpages Elite along with Patty and Zsuzsy, showing that if you just do research on any one topic and make it yours, giving a detailed opinionative view and supporting facts, you can become a brilliant hubber too.

Sell Baby Sell

Nelle Hoxie

She may be the best promoting hubber out there. She does list a lot of different products which in turn if are purchased from her hub she can make some good percentage back from them, but she also lists some about good stories that will interest you and you will be happy you read them. My favorite has to be James Forrestal, His Mysterious Death and a Great Summer Read. This is a story about UFO conspiracy and how Winston Churchill may have been involved. I have included Nelle because she shows people a way to implement the eBay and Amazon affiliate tools. Unlike depending just on Adsense or Kontera, she increases the chances of profit by suggesting hot products for people to buy. I know what you may be thinking, No one is going to buy something by clicking on a Hubpage link to eBay or Amazon. But you are wrong. Let's say 10,000 people come across Nelle's pages featuring products everyday. If only 2 of those people go to the amazon or eBay site and purchase the item featured by Nelle she can make percentage off of that. Saying the Product was a $300 golf club. If one of those sell per day, Nelle has a minimal potential earning of $12. Doesn't seem like much, but truth be told, Nelle, I'm sure is over that minimum percentage earning mark. I would guess closer to 10%. So lets say a reasonable 2 out of 10,000 people per day purchase something she is advertising. If the total sold on that site equals $500, Nelle will make $50. Folks this isn't including her Adsense earnings. Learn from this Feline Genius.

To all the great Hubbers I left out, I apologize. For anyone reading the remainder of this publication, there are over 50 hubbers I have learned different tricks from. Probably closer to 100. And they aren't all 100 hubbers. Remember fellow hubbers know what they like to see on a page, just as you and I both do. You can literally get advice from a child on ways to improve your hub. Always be open to constructive criticism. I for one take it and use it to make yet another better hub than the previous one. In fact the sole reason for writing this hub, to be honest, was to make it my most viewed hub. Let's see how that works out. These are definitely good Hubbers to learn from. I will keep following all of your hubs fellow hubbers. Once again to all of our mentors

Thank You



If you liked this post and are interested in joining Hubpages Sign Up now. It's fast and free. They will show you the simple ways that you can earn extra money while doing something that is fun.


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    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      I think that you've done a great thing by making this Hub, as you're helping other Hubbers, as well as helping these 5 fantastic ones too!

    • profile image

      Nelle Hoxie 6 years ago

      Thank you for liking my Hub on the novel the Secret of the Seventh Son, which involved mysterious death of James Forrestal. It's one of my favorites as well.

    • Dorothee-Gy profile image

      Dorothee-Gy 6 years ago from near Frankfurt/M., Germany

      Great hub, very interesting hubbers, thanks for the compilation!