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Top 5 Reasons Why HubPages Is The Best

Updated on March 29, 2009

HubPages has become one of the most visited sites on the Web for a reason. It's a great platform which attracts quality writers. It's the 257th most popular site in the USA, 190th in Australia, and a dazzling 105th most popular in India. That last bit of information is the most surprising as aside from some Bollywood photo collections that rarely seem to go anywhere in the HubScores, there doesn't seem to be a lot of content here that is specific to the SubContinent. As I come up on my 2 year and one million page view anniversary on HubPages, I wanted to distill my 5 reasons why HubPages is great and 5 reasons why HubPages could stand improvement. Here we go with the Best 5:

1) Guaranteed Googlation: There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like HubPages for getting your article to the front page of Google in a heartbeat. I mean literally two or three hours after I've posted some Hubs, I'll see them right there on the top screen (the "money" screen... or the first six or seven listings) on Google. It's absolutely amazing! If I didn't know any better, I'd think that the actual owner of HubPages was Sergey Brin. HubPages is so unparalleled in its ability to get you to the top of Google that I'd use this platform even if I had to chisel out my Hubs in granite. I consistently have some of my Hubs in the Google top five and quite often as number one on some amazing searches, such as Vista Junk (a stunning 2,958 pageviews in the last 24 hours alone), DDR2 DDR3, Motorcycle MPG, and many more. The completely staggering fact is that these Hubs were written around two years ago, and they just keep pluggin' day after day after day. Of course, you need to pick your keywords carefully: Don't expect to be Google #1 with Apple Computer, Barack Obama or American Idol. You also absolutely have to compose a well researched, erudite, properly written article that provides valuable quality information people are looking for. How 2 Maik Old Wimmen Git Nakkid 4 U unfortunately aint gonna cut it.

2) Sense Of Community: Although much to my own discredit I don't participate in the very lively Forum scene, I am highly gratified to have many fans who regularly and positively comment on my Hubs. There are few things that can help the morale of any Hubber more than having a steadfast fan come to your rescue when you're taking a beating in the Comments for cheesing off the lunatic fringe who insist that riding a motorcycle at 200+ mph in school zones, or sanding off the metal coverings of their CPUs with soapy water and sandpaper, is their God given right.

3) The HubScore: Although its inner workings are shrouded in mystery (to keep the algorithm from being hacked) I do have to admit that it generally does work surprisingly well in suppressing the poor quality Hubs and Hubbers and rewarding the articles and writers who discuss interesting subjects in a readable fashion.

4) Security: As an experiment, I tried to leave comments on my Hubs using a variety of proxy servers (which hide the IP you're accessing from, thereby disguising your geographical location) and failed every time. Although there are a few ways to "game" the system, they are fairly rare and require a much greater effort than it's worth.

5) Ease Of Use: HubPages has steadfastly resisted the urge to allow its writers to mess around with its format, thus allowing for an universality which is refreshing and significantly aids readability. The best part is that anyone can publish content on HubPages without the slightest clue of what web coding looks like. Although HTML is now allowed, it is such a restrictive subset that you really can't do much with it, and that is a very good thing. The last thing I want to see when I read a Hub would be a pink paisley background using a Mistral font. Ugh.

These are only the Top 5, as there are many other aspects to HubPages which make it one helluva site. If you know your stuff and have the chops, you never need to look at any other blogging platform. HubPages rules! However, nothing under the sun is perfect, so here are the Top 5 Ways HubPages Could Improve.


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