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Updated on December 8, 2012
Got an Article your itching to share?
Got an Article your itching to share?

What makes the Best Articles rank on Google?

With all of the Google Panda algorithm activity that has been going on I was wondering to myself, what is making some of my best articles remain in their top search ranking while others are disappearing off the map? Obviously nobody has discovered the exact recipe to satisfy Google's appetite as of yet, but I think I was right when I gave tips on how to combat loss of Google traffic immediately after Google made its changes, also everybody has been claiming they are going down the social media path with their functionality.

I'll tell you now that my opinion about how I see my top articles is that they all seem to be about commercial topics and its not that I only write about popular online software or technology either, I have a wide range of subjects spanning from historical documentaries to cruise ships. I have keyword edited all of my hubs and given them significant backlinks to have a shot at the first page on Google and they get around 10-15 views a day but it seems that only my topics that relate directly to the web do the best with 100-500 views.

Photo courtesy of iamagenious

How to get on Google Search - Post Panda

After closer examination about what is getting high Google search ranking I would say that you still need to backlink on the high PR sites like SheToldMe and make Squidoo Lenses pointing to your hubs, but also choose some gossip that when people read it they will be 'itching' to share on social media platforms.

Some of my best articles have around 100 'likes' while one of my websites has a tweet counter that is into double figures and I got it in the top 3 pages of search rankings for a competitive keyword and its only a couple of weeks old.

Photo courtesy of danardvincente

Improve Search Ranking

As you can see from the above diagram, people on Google make decisions about your website based on the small snippet of text and its placement in the search engine rank, so you will want to utilize social media 'share buttons' as much as possible because they seem to be taking over the traditional 'backlink recommendation' that got abused. For anybody who doesn't already know from my previous hubs or forums, Google is currently experimenting with its +1 'like' style button.

Although Twitter isn't likely to overtake Google as the worlds favorite search engine as I discussed in a recent hub, it is interesting to note that 52% of all traffic on the internet is going to video because people like to see imagery and Traffic Geyser is a tool that gets your Youtube videos shared out to all social media tools and in turn to the top of Google. I have other hubs you can read about video sharing and they offer a free alternative to Traffic Geyser.

Photo courtesy of juggernautco

High Search Engine Ranking

Many of you will see a sight very similar to the diagram above when you log in to your Google Analytics account, an almost flat line with very minimal upwards spikes and this is what I have been seeing for my Hubpages traffic anyway. I believe this is because I have been preventing it from dropping drastically by constantly producing new hubs and continuing to backlink the best articles of mine the same way I did before the algorithm change.

Like the old fashion phrase says 'the best form of defense is offense', people always seem to run in to hiding when something goes terribly wrong, instead of waiting it out and patiently accessing the possible areas that need attention. I have continued to work on my getting a high search ranking for my websites as well and have been slowly progressing from the bottom of page 1 on Google to midway, but this lack of huge change hasn't discouraged me from starting new website ventures.

Photo courtesy of denharsh

Interesting Search Engine Ranking Video related to Video Sharing


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