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Tried and Tested Recipes From HubPages

Updated on April 1, 2021
Cyndi (cclitgirl)'s "Easy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins" were delicious. I made two different sizes, and they made wonderful portable snacks
Cyndi (cclitgirl)'s "Easy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins" were delicious. I made two different sizes, and they made wonderful portable snacks | Source

My Recipe Obsession

Anyone who knows me probably realizes that I like to cook. I have a lot of my own recipes, and I also get inspiration from magazines, television, and all over the World Wide Web. But since I joined HubPages about 4 months ago, I have tried many of the recipes I have seen within this community, and it has been one aspect of my delightful experience here.

Right now I am going to share with you some of the recipes I have tried, and the photos I took of (most of) them. Each one has a link to the site I got the delicious recipe from, so you can check them out, and see how great they really are!

One batch of these "Easy Cream Cheese Muffins" by cclitgirl  made 6 regular size muffins and nearly 1 dozen mini muffins, and they didn't last for long!
One batch of these "Easy Cream Cheese Muffins" by cclitgirl made 6 regular size muffins and nearly 1 dozen mini muffins, and they didn't last for long! | Source

Easy Cream Cheese Muffins by Cyndi (cclitgirl)

I saw her recipe, and melted. I love pumpkin any time of the year, and my muffin photos do not do them justice! I have made pumpkin muffins before, but never with cream cheese in it. This is my favorite muffin recipe, and that is saying a lot.

Have you ever been to cclitgirl's profile? If you have, you must have noticed that she has quite a lot of hubs. I think there is something for everyone on her page. She writes how-to articles, arts and crafts projects, grammar instruction, about myths and legends, places, stories, recycling and the environment, holidays, photography, and many other topics, with recipes sprinkled throughout. I could browse her page for hours, and never be bored. She writes very well, is relatable, and is a wonderful person. She has also won many Hub of the Day awards! Check out her profile, as well as her recipe, and you won't be disappointed!

Vespawoolf's "Homemade English Muffins", toasted, one slice shown plain, and the one on the right with peanut butter
Vespawoolf's "Homemade English Muffins", toasted, one slice shown plain, and the one on the right with peanut butter | Source

Homemade English Muffins by Vespawoolf

When I first saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it. English muffins are one of those things I usually buy, and have never gotten around to making. When I saw how simple it was, I took the time to test it. The first time I tried it, I didn't use muffin rings, and they came out tasty but not very shapely. At that point I came up with the inspiration to include her recipe and muffin rings as a gift to my mother, and I bought two sets of the muffin rings, so I could have a set for myself. They are very inexpensive, although I bought them online (we don't have them around here). The second time I made this recipe, using the muffin rings, they came out delicious, and looked like a real English Muffin!

I will be making this a third time in the next two days. For Memorial Day weekend, I will be in Connecticut, and these are a perfect thing to bring along to munch on while we are at our condo (which is not very well-stocked with food at the moment).

Vespawoolf (Vespa) is an amateur baker and home chef, and she has a stunning array of delicious recipes. Below the link to her English Muffins I added a link to her "Recipe Index", so you can see many of them all in one place. It is like looking at a cookbook!

SmartAndFun's "Beer Bread" tasted phenomenal with my "Baked Beans and Cheese Casserole"
SmartAndFun's "Beer Bread" tasted phenomenal with my "Baked Beans and Cheese Casserole" | Source

Beer Bread Recipe by SmartAndFun

This was one of the first recipes from HubPages that I tried out. I discovered it around the time I was experimenting with my own recipe for beans and pasta, and since beer goes well with beans, I decided to make the bread to go with my pasta. The bread was incredibly easy to make, only has 4 ingredients, and came out moist and flavorful on the inside, and just a little crispy on the outside. It was delicious! SmartAndFun also provides many variations, which I like very much. If you're not into the idea of using beer in it, soda is one of the variations! So it is a recipe that anyone can appreciate and enjoy.

SmartAndFun has quite a few recipes, as well as various how-to and "idea" articles, as well as product reviews, and hubs on trends, animals and names. Basically, SmartAndFun likes to "find smart ways to make life fun, then share them", hence the name. It is a great concept! Browsing over the profile, I see many articles I want to check out.

Suzzycue's "Lazy Man's Cabbage Rolls" are one of my new favorite casserole dishes
Suzzycue's "Lazy Man's Cabbage Rolls" are one of my new favorite casserole dishes | Source
One serving of the cabbage dish
One serving of the cabbage dish | Source

Lazy Man's Best Cabbage Rolls by Suzzycue

I just made this a few nights ago... and last week... and the week before. Ever since the first time I made it, we have not gotten enough of this! Mine is just a touch different than Suzzycue's, because I precook everything up front, reducing the amount of time it needs to be in the hot oven. But otherwise it is the same. Her photos of it are even tastier looking than mine, so feel free to check them out!

Just to give you an idea of how much Andy (my boyfriend) likes it: when I make it, I make a whole pan for the two of us. The first time I made it, he had seconds, and then had another serving for breakfast the following morning! He leaves for work fairly early, and doesn't usually eat much before he goes- maybe a granola bar, or a quick yogurt. For him to actually eat something that requires heating up first is a big deal! We also had some more when we got home from work, finishing up the pan. The last time I made this, I set aside a serving in a plastic container, and he told me later on that he deliberately missed the early bus he was going to take so that he could eat this (he still got to work early, since the bus runs every 10-20 minutes, just not as early as he was planning before he saw the food waiting for him).

Suzzycue also has quite a few other delicious recipes, and I have provided a link to her "Recipe Index", which lists some of her recipes for easy reference (to the right). Aside from her many recipes, she also writes a lot of DIY articles, ranging from arts and crafts projects, home improvements, and other generally useful information. She also writes many articles on fishing.

Peggy W's "Spinach Balls", results of my second attempt. I used a mini muffin pan instead of a baking sheet
Peggy W's "Spinach Balls", results of my second attempt. I used a mini muffin pan instead of a baking sheet | Source

Spinach Balls by Peggy W

The first time I made this, I read the directions too fast, and put the ingredients in a blender (rather than just mixing it until well blended). They ended up coming out a little watery, so once I noticed my mistake I added a little flour and extra parmesan cheese, and they came out looking like cookies, not balls. Despite my mistake, they tasted very good! I had them for supper, and for snack the next day.

The next time I made them, they came out normal, and they were very tasty.

Peggy W 's interests in "travel, photography, art, gardening and cooking" show very well - she has a stunning array of travel articles, scattered with beautiful photos. She has quite a few recipes here and there, as well.

Sharyn Slant's "Split Pea Soup" (top), and my first attempt at Peggy W's "Spinach Balls" (bottom)
Sharyn Slant's "Split Pea Soup" (top), and my first attempt at Peggy W's "Spinach Balls" (bottom) | Source

Split Pea Skinless Polska Kielbasa Soup by Sharyn's Slant

I already knew that Andy liked split pea soup, because we usually buy it from the store. The Campbell's version is pretty good, but it doesn't compare to Sharon's version! I had never made it with kielbasa in it before, but it definitely hit the spot. Homemade soup takes more time than dishing out and heating up canned soup, but it is well worth the effort. I find that cooking soup myself is very satisfying, as well.

This is another recipe that I have made a couple of times, and plan on making more. After the first time I made it, my boyfriend stocked up on split peas two grocery trips in a row. That is the ultimate way of letting me know what he really likes! We have enough bags for many, many more bowls of soup.

Sharyn's Slant has a large variety of articles, including many tasty recipes (you may recognize her as having won Hub Of The Day recently for her "Mock Stuffed Peppers Recipe"). If you want to really see what Sharon is about, check out her article "Introducing The Real Sharyns Slant". For convenience, I added the link to that article right below the one to her soup recipe on the right.

Natashalh's "Healthy Asparagus Soup"
Natashalh's "Healthy Asparagus Soup" | Source

Healthy Asparagus Soup by Natashalh

I really like Natasha's version of asparagus soup. It is creamy and delicious, but without the butter or heavy cream that I try to stay away from. It's unusual to find such a thick and satisfying soup without the added cream.

I made this earlier this week, with salad on the side. Both Andy and I adored it, and I will be making this again. I will also be using some of her tricks to bulk up some of my existing soup recipes!

Because of Natasha, I want an immersion blender. A blender or food processor works very well for this recipe, but an immersion blender would be ideal.

Natasha is a very creative person, and it is easy to tell when you visit her page! She has many articles relating to crafts and DIY, food (of course), history, and traveling.

Indian Chef

Indian Chef, as you can tell by the name, specializes in recipes. He has his niche, and I'm very happy I discovered him. He has quite a large selection of recipes, Indian and international, both food and beverages. He also has articles on the health benefits of different foods, and a few other topics relating to food (such as vegan eating and losing weight). Each hub has a photo, which makes viewing his profile very easy on the eyes... as well as tempting!

I have tried two of his recipes so far. Enjoy!

Indian Chef's "Tandoori Bell Pepper", stuffed whole instead of cut in half (right), shown with my "Irish Potato Patty" (left)
Indian Chef's "Tandoori Bell Pepper", stuffed whole instead of cut in half (right), shown with my "Irish Potato Patty" (left) | Source

Tandoori Bell Pepper by Indian Chef

First of all, his photo of this recipe is more appealing than mine. I didn't cut my pepper in half like the recipe suggested, so you can't see the delicious ingredients in plain sight. His photo instantly makes me want to make it again (and I fully plan on it).

His recipe combines many delicious ingredients and spices into one simple pepper, and it explodes with flavor and cheesy goodness! If you like any type of stuffed pepper, check his article out below:

Indian Chef's "Crispy Cheddar Chicken", with some prepared butternut squash beside it
Indian Chef's "Crispy Cheddar Chicken", with some prepared butternut squash beside it | Source

Crispy Cheddar Chicken by Indian Chef

Again, his photo looks better than mine. My shortcut caused the chicken topping to not come out quite as crispy as his, but it was delicious!

His recipe is easy to follow, not too time-consuming, and it results in a perfectly coated, cheesy chicken with a creamy sauce to drizzle over it.

To check his recipe out, click on the link below:

JamiJay's "Chocolate Energy Bites" are easy, nutritious, and faster than any snack I have ever made!
JamiJay's "Chocolate Energy Bites" are easy, nutritious, and faster than any snack I have ever made! | Source


I have been stopping by Jami's page every once in a while for a few months now, and have enjoyed many great articles by her. I think the first one I read was "The Benefits of Being a Homemaker". She writes a range of topics, including food (many gluten-free recipes, as well as healthy snacks), health, lizards, and many subjects that an inquiring mind could think up.

I have tried two of her recipes so far, and she has many more I will be trying soon. Her recipes appeal to my healthy eating and snacking side!

Chocolate Oatmeal Energy Bites by JamiJay

This is a very simple, quick recipe to make. If you (or your child or significant-other) are in the mood for a snack, you can whip it up within a couple of minutes (although it will be hot at first, so don't be too grabby). They resemble small cookies, except they are chewy, not crunchy. With no butter, only a small amount of sugar, and quite a bit of oatmeal, they are a healthy snack and a great source of energy.

I have made this a couple of times, and will make it often. I always like to have quick snacks for work days. The other morning I was really hungry before work, but I knew I wouldn't be able to stop to eat a yogurt for another hour and a half, so I had one of these before I left. It satisfied my hunger until I was able to eat my quick breakfast, which made my commute much more comfortable.

JamiJay's "Oven Roasted Chickpeas" make a great crunchy snack
JamiJay's "Oven Roasted Chickpeas" make a great crunchy snack | Source

Roasted Chickpeas by JamiJay

I like chickpeas, but never thought of roasting them until I saw Jami's recipe. I was excited to try something delicious and new, and I wasn't disappointed! They didn't take too long, and came out crunchy and with just a little bit of savory flavor. Be careful, though, they're addicting!

It reminds me a little bit of "Corn Nuts", if any of you out there has ever had those. I used to buy those in the store when I wanted a crunchy snack. Chickpeas don't have that "corn" taste, of course, but they offer the same satisfying crunch.

It makes another great portable snack, and is also a good thing to pack instead of pre-packaged foods.

CharronsChatter's "Tuna Blue Salad", with just a few changes (I was short a couple of ingredients)
CharronsChatter's "Tuna Blue Salad", with just a few changes (I was short a couple of ingredients) | Source

Tuna Blue Salad by CharronsChatter

CharronsChatter (Karen) caught my eye not long after she joined 3 months ago. She is a chef, and you can tell from her hubs that loves to cook! Her page is loaded with interesting recipes, and each one is full of photos that show her entire cooking process in a visually appealing manner. She also sprinkles her articles with just enough humor to get a laugh out of me!

When I saw this salad, I was eager to try it. Salads can be as bland or exciting as you let it be, and her "Tuna Blue Salad" is a treat for the tongue! The contrasting flavors and crunch are fantastic.

I used different greens than she did, and didn't have a couple of the veggies her recipe called for, and my salad wasn't layered as pretty as hers was, but it was very delicious. Done her way, I would imagine it would be over the top delicious!

Xmags' delicious "Easy Mais Con Yelo (Sweet Corn on Shaved Ice)", a refreshing beverage to drink on a hot day
Xmags' delicious "Easy Mais Con Yelo (Sweet Corn on Shaved Ice)", a refreshing beverage to drink on a hot day | Source

Easy Mais Con Yelo (Sweet Corn on Shaved Ice) by Xmags

Xeng (xmags) writes mostly recipes and reviews of restaurants, so food is a specialty of hers. I have really enjoyed reading them, because I like to get to know what food in other cultures and countries is like.

I first came across her page a few weeks ago, not long after she joined. The first hub of hers I read was "Top 3 Refreshing Treats to Beat the Summer Heat", where she completely drew me in, and got me in the mood for these unique (to me) cold treats that are popular in the Philippines. Shortly after, she published hubs with the specific recipes for the beverages she portrayed, which made me very happy.

I tried her recipe for "Sweet Corn on Shaved Ice" last week, on a particularly hot and humid day. The air conditioner in my hot apartment hadn't been installed yet (it was just put in a couple of days ago), so this beverage was very refreshing. It cooled me off, and it was a delicious treat! It feels good to try something new, and it certainly makes me wish I could travel to her part of the world to see what it's like there. It also caused me to put a shaved ice machine on my "want list". I used my blender to get the ice crushed, but of course it is not quite the same.

The Writers of These Recipes:

Nuffsaidstan: He is into comic books, so that is where most of his articles are. But he also has several great recipes, and a few other articles, including one on running your own business, and at least two having to do with E-Bay.

Kelleyward (Kelley): Kelly writes many delicious recipes, articles on health and wellness issues, and some useful product reviews.

Turtlewoman (Kim): Kim has a variety of great recipes, many that are healthy, including quite a few that are gluten-free and paleo . She is a Holistic Health Coach, so she knows her stuff!

Janetwrites (Janet): Janet has been here for a few months, and writes about parenting, health and nutrition.

Jimtxmiller (Jim): Jim has a conversational way of writing, and he draws you into his stories and thoughts. He writes a variety of topics. Some of my favorites are about discovering what is in your own backyard, as well as the one titled "Travel Writer's Kit", which is a handy article for any writer who ventures out. He is a great story teller, and makes you think.

A Few Other Tasty Recipes From Fellow HubPage writers

Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of these few. But I assure you, these are very delicious, and you can see their own photos by checking their article out.

  • The Indian Curry Sauce Base by Nuffsaidstan was the very first recipe I tried from HubPages. It was fantastic, and I look forward to trying it again, and really getting a taste for the individual spices that make up curry. Before I saw this article, I didn't have an idea of what curry was made of.
  • The Pumpkin Oatmeal Raisin Cookies by Kelleyward is one of my favorite cookie recipes, ever! I love pumpkin, and these are fabulous. On top of that, it uses no flour, butter or oil. It sounds unbelievable, but it comes out tasting so great, and it is about as healthy as you can get for a cookie. I wish I had snapped a photo of the cookies, but check out her page to see what I'm talking about- you won't be disappointed.
  • Out of the Two Hawaiian Bread Recipes (by Turtlewoman), I have tried one. I baked the healthier version, which is easy, and doesn't require yeast. It is a quick bread, and it has a delicious pineapple taste, with nuts and coconut. I am going to try the "Original" kind soon, the yeast bread, because it also sounds great. I really like the sweet taste of King's Hawaiian Bread, which Turtlewoman says originates from Portuguese bread, and I look forward to seeing how it compares.

One Last Gem

I just found out my friend billybuc (Bill) has a hub about recipes for bachelors, as well as another equally enlightening hub geared toward men. For those who don't like to cook and don't care about nutrition (or those who would like a good laugh), check out these fantastic articles!

Honorable Mentions

Here are three more recipes to leave you with (links are to the right):

1) Randomcreative's No-Bake Cookies: I haven't made these lately, but they are similar to what my mother used to make, and what I made well into my 20's. So I know from experience that these are mouthwateringly delicious, and they don't take too long to make. Her recipe hub has a great photo of the cookies, simple directions, and even her personal story behind the recipe. She also provides links to a couple of other no-bake cookies, which also look tempting.

  • Rose is one of the most creative woman I have ever seen! Check out her profile to see what I mean. She has so many really cool crafty hubs, articles on holidays and events, recipes (including many on refreshingly cold beverages), and on photography. She has also won several "Hub of the Day" awards, which I think is phenomenal.

2) Cold Coffee With Ice Cream by Indian Chef: He has a great collection of beverage recipes, in addition to his many food hubs. Many people already know that coffee is my thing, and I'm going to try it soon. Check out his recipe, and also notice that he has a list of many other refreshing cold beverages at the bottom of his page.

  • This is the same Indian Chef that wrote two of the delicious recipes I tried already- the Tandoori Bell Pepper and the Crispy Cheddar Chicken (about halfway up the page).

3) Flour Tortillas From Scratch, by Sydneyspence: These homemade tortillas are such a great idea for those who like to make their own. I used oil rather than shortening, and it still tasted good. But for authenticity, her recipe is key. It is her family recipe, handed down from her mother, and I think that is sweet.

  • Sydneyspence writes many articles on travel, working from home, writing, money, and recipes. She has some interesting homemade recipes, including for play dough and cough syrup.

I have tried many recipes already, and will definitely be testing more out soon. I have seen so many, and it has been hard to choose from all of them! To all of you who have provided such wonderful food hubs, thank you so much. I appreciate you all very much!

Recipes From HubPages

Now that you have seen a taste of what HubPages has to offer for recipes, will you be more likely to look within the community for recipe ideas?

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In the Mood For...

What are you in the mood for right now?

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Now I'm Hungry!

Until I started preparing for this article, I didn't realize how many recipes from HubPages that I had tried! I thought this was going to be much shorter.

I hope you enjoyed this, and check out some (or all) of these delicious recipes, as well as the wonderful writers who published them. Thank you, everyone! Feel free to take the above polls, and to leave a comment below. Feedback is always very welcome here.


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