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Tutorial and Review of Hubpages' New Home Page And Widget System

Updated on May 27, 2011

This tutorial will show you the easiest ways to organize your home page with the new widget system.

I am happy to see the new home page and widget system from Hubpages. At the first glance, it gets confusing, but as soon as I delved into it, it started getting easier.

The new Hubpages home page allows us to customize Hubpages the way we want that suits our needs. Since everyone has different preferences, we can now arrange the system any way we need.

Note: Please view the table below on setting up your widget to view activity and statistics to your latest hubs (probably the most popular and important need for most Hubpage members)

The new system makes it easier to do all of these things in one place much more quickly:

  1. View our own statistics for each of our hubs
  2. Track our own "hubtivity"
  3. View the latest posts in any of our favorite hub categories
  4. View hubs by the authors we are following (our favorite authors)
  5. Quickly see any new posts from the forums in any categories
  6. Watch questions and answers in any of favorite categories

The quick steps to organizing your Hubpages home page:

  1. Click on the "Add A Widget" button in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select a type of hub from the list.
  3. Move your mouse over that new hub
  4. Click the Edit button in the lower right corner.
  5. Choose your preferred settings,
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Drag that widget either to the left "long" column or the right "short" column. You can also drag widgets above and below others by moving your mouse over the light gray bar and holding down your mouse button.

Organizing Your Home Page Widgets

There are over 2,000 combinations of widgets and the way you organize your widgets is totally up to you.

The way I personally organize my widgets is to put all of my favorite questions / answers and favorite forums on the left and on the hubtivity news and stats on the right. My stats are always on top since this is personally the place I go first when I log into Hubpages.

Screenshot of my personal widget setup

Special tutorial on your hub statistics

The Hub Statistics widget is probably a little more complex than the others and I would like to help you decipher some of these controls.

The Hub Statistics widget allows you to organize your statistics by the following:

  • Number of entries
  • Specific Category for each hub
  • By your hub group.
  • Status (New, Published, Needs Revision, Deleted, etc)
  • Sorting.

Your Hub Statistics Widget Options

Keep in mind that you can have as many statistic widgets as you need each with a different set of criteria, so you are not stuck with just one.

For those hubbers who want to see statistics on their latest hubs (probably the most popular need on Hubpages), you can set up your Statistics Widget like this:

Use these settings to see statistics on your latest hubs.

Entries to display
All Categories
All Groups
Sort by
Published Date (later first)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the new Hubpages widget system and it helps you understand the new widget system.


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