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Tutorial on how to use HubPages

Updated on January 11, 2012

How to use Hubpages

From an unexperienced point of view...

Firstly, I have only been using HubPages for about a week and I would just like to say how incredibly easy it is to use this thing! From making an account up to making the hub itself.. It just can't get any easier. If you are reading this Hub and you do not have a HubPages account then stop reading this right now. No really, stop reading the text and go make an account.

I am presuming that you have made an account and that you have come back to find out how good I think HubPages is! The only thing I seem to write about are video games as that's what I do best. I play video games quite a lot and I thought I would give my input in how I think the games are played best. The hubs themselves have all got a couple of hundred of views and I have only been really 'hubbing' for just over a week. Also there is the money side to it. You're reading this and just thinking wait what, you can make money from Hubs? Yes, you can link your Hubpages to Google Adsense or another example to Amazon Associate. These websites place adverts on your Hubpage website and then when people like yourself click on them and then proceed to purchase something off of said advert then the owner of the website will receive some sort of monetary income. Obviously you need to have more than a hundred people viewing your webpages, but all with time it will work.

Apart from it being incredibly easy to set up, you can find out lots of information from other people's Hubs by reading them and then making yourself more intelligent. Hey reading other peoples Hubs is a lot better than sitting on facebook and trailing thorough people's status' saying how upset they are and how bad their life is, or checking how many emails you have saying so and so has sent you a cat on farmville! Hubpages give you vital information which you can use daily, also if you want to find something out, you can go right along and search it to find information you need.

Well that seems to be all i can right about Hubpages, i'm new to this thing so be nice. If you're into video gaming you could check out my other Hubs, they base themselves on Fifa & Halo at the moment but if your interested read them. Hope you had fun reading this and have a good day! 


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    • ashish04joshi profile image

      Ashish Joshi 5 years ago from India

      hey, m not able to use hubpages properly. Is it because I'm surfing from my cell? I'm having issue entering the body of the hub i want to start. I'm only able to create a headline, that's it.