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Twitter Tycoon Review

Updated on April 2, 2015

Twitter Tycoon: An Honest-to-Goodness Review

What does Twitter Tycoon have to offer?

Reinhardt Gallowitz, creator of Twitter Tycoon, claims that with his product, there's no need for costly SEO and tiring PPC campaigns, or for hanging out at forums and hiring writers, or slaving over articles day and night.

According to him, "Twitter Tycoon was created to teach the regular frustrated newbie how to use social media to drive traffic on a life changing scale." Twitter Tycoon claims to show you how to get constant, EVER-GROWING traffic to any link on DEMAND...

And that would mean...

* You could run a hands free business (no more constant tweaking or head scratching)

* You could save time and money (no more spewing out ad costs, trying to figure new techniques out alone or hiring experts)

* No more frustration (finally enjoy passive daily income without the backbreaking, confusing junk holding you back)

Should you buy Twitter Tycoon or is it just another load of crap? We are going to do a more comprehensive review of this product as soon as possible.


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    • profile image

      bryan 8 years ago

      Good Post! Hey I have just published a twitter marketing guide and am looking for a few bloggers to give an unbiased, honest review of it. I was wondering if you - or any of your readers - would like to review my guide? My product can be found at and goes 'live' through paydotcom on 20th September. Just send me an email ( with UNIVERSE in the subject line before 20th Sept 09. And I’ll send you over a copy for review. Many thanks, Bryan