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Unsolved Mysteries - The Elusive HubScore Code

Updated on January 14, 2013

Get out the slide rule to calculate scores

Maybe a slide rule will help calculate the Hub Score.
Maybe a slide rule will help calculate the Hub Score. | Source

Mystery of the Hub Score

There’s an unsolved mystery at HubPages. Hundreds of brilliant writers have tried their hand at solving it. Staff members have attempted to unravel it. New writers think they have it figured out. Veteran writers try to decode it. The mystery? Hub Scores and Author Scores!

Have your read the Da Vinci code? Secret codes and messages...There must be secret messages hidden in the HubPages newsletters and blogs. It’s only a matter of time before I figure out the elusive Hubscore code. By my calculations, it should be ((HSC x VPD x CPH) * 7) /2C +AS=HS. Squared. Or maybe cubed.

Does Timeliness and Popularity Determine Hub Score?

I thought I had the Hubscore code solved when my hub, Funny Tax Deductions and Weird Tax Write Offs, hit the big 100 for a day. The Hubscore code must have something to do with the timeliness and popularity of the article. But the hub never showed up on the Hot list or the Best list. Then I looked at my stats and realized that no one had viewed the article that day. In fact, I had about seven views all week!

Maybe it was the comments. No, that hub had a grand total of fourteen comments (seven of them were mine in response to reader comments!). The next day it plummeted to 95. O.k., get out the slide rule (haha…bet most of you don’t even know what that is!) and recalculate.

100 Proof!

Proof of 100 Author Score. Sceen shot.
Proof of 100 Author Score. Sceen shot. | Source

Perhaps an abacus would help?

Perhaps we can decipher HubScores with an abacus?
Perhaps we can decipher HubScores with an abacus? | Source

Do Reader Views Determine Author or Hub Score?

I was certain that I had deciphered the Hubscore Code when my Hubber (Author) score hit 100. That must mean that people like my articles. I take a quick look at the stats to see how much my reader views are rising.

Nooooooo… my stats show all blue down arrows. My hubs didn’t make the Hot list or the Best list or any list at all. Two days later, my elusive and mysterious Hubber score dropped like a rock to 95. Throw out the slide rule.

Well, maybe an increase in individual views boosts Hub Scores. I'm excited to see my 10 Ways to Pamper Your Cat hub hovering at 99 and 100. Admittedly, it's had some great days, but today when the score when up, there were only with 5 views!

Calculating Hub Scores must require an abacus!

Maybe breaking the Hub Code requires some expert manipulation on an abacus. I think I have one around here somewhere...

Ten Things that really do help Hub Rankings

  • Good content
  • Good grammar
  • Good spelling
  • Good graphics and photos
  • Polls and Quizzes
  • Good SEO Titles
  • Relevant tags
  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Assorted mysterious factors

Does Hub of the Day Help Hub Scores?

Ahhh… perhaps it takes a Hub of the Day to crack the Hubscore Code! But getting the Hub of the Day for my Groundhog Day hub, 10 Ways to Celebrate Groundhog Day, and the Outdoor Activities for Kids and Grandparents hub made my scores jump up and down – a lot like my reader views. The way to a great Hubscore must be through recognition by HubPages for good articles!

But, it was not so. My Hubscores hovered in the 90s as did my Author score. Where was the elusive 100?

New Calculations...

So I just laid low for a while nursing my reams of calculations. What’s this? I noticed that if I didn’t publish anything for a week, my author score went up.


O.k. recalculate: ((HSC x VPD x CPH) * 7) /2C=HC-P. To the Nth power. So I didn’t publish for a week or so. Author score and Hub views went up and down. That was fun.

Comments, Followers, Questions, Forums...

All of these other factors must enter into the Hub Score calculations because Hubbers who regularly participate in HubPages community activities seem to get noticed. How much does it count? That's another unsolved mystery...

What Does Help Your HubPages Rankings?

What do you think is the most important factor for high ranking hubs and author score

See results

Does Hub Hopping Help Hub Scores?

It must have something to do with Hub Hopping. I observed that when I took part in Hub Hopping and voted on newly published hubs my Author Score went up. One fateful day, I hopped over five low quality hubs that I flagged. My author score floated up to 99.

Wait a minute! How does that compute? Do I have to be an ogre to get a good author score? But the next day brought a new batch of hubs to Hub Hop. I skipped through them and found neither low, nor high quality hubs. So I didn’t have much to comment about. I blundered through the new hub assessment system on a few hubs and exited the Hub Hopper. My author score dropped a few points.

By now you must be thinking, “This nutcake could spend her time more wisely by writing instead of obsessing about scores!” And you would be right on target!

Conclusion and Sage Advice

You probably thought I’d never get to the conclusion, didn’t you? Well, my conclusion is that the mysterious and elusive HubScore Code cannot be deciphered by mere humans. It will remain a puzzle.

My Advice? Don't worry too much about your scores. Be aware of how to use good keywords, proofread your work and learn from the Learning Center's experienced writers. Do your best to be an active and valuable community member by making incisive comments, participating in evaluating new hubs, joining in the HubPages community and, of course, writing the best articles possible!

Keep on Hubbing, Hubbers!


© copyright 2012 by Stephanie Henkel

Hubbers who have solved the mystery

Now there are some Hubbers who seem to have solved the mystery of Hub Scores. Perhaps they'll share their secret in the comments below...


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