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Use Ubersuggest, Google AdWords Keyword Tool & Google Search for help writing new content and SEO keyword research

Updated on June 5, 2013


Hi and welcome to my latest hub. Today, we are going to look at using three tools, Ubersuggest, Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Search to create suggestions that you can use to write new content for your website, blog or Hub if you are like me and write on HubPages. In addition, we will identify keywords and long tail keywords using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool that will help to generate good traffic to your new content.

In order to best monetise your on-line writing you should aim to:

  • Create unique and brilliant websites, hubs or blogs that people want to read
  • They should both delight and inform your readers and also give them something they cannot find elsewhere
  • You should also look to create a niche, something you are passionate about and something that you love to write about. Your passion and enthusiasm will rub off on your readers and you will become known in your own small way as a subject matter expert on your chosen subject.
  • Finally, using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool you should identify good keywords to use in your content

The ideas that you get from Ubersuggest, Google AdWords and Google Search can help you write more content to:

  • Come up with ideas when you have run out, or have writers block
  • Discover new niches
  • Write similar content to your own existing popular websites, blogs or Hubs

Using Ubersuggest to create content ideas for your next blog, website or Hub

First, let us look at using Ubersuggest. To access it, the URL is This very useful tool uses Google Suggest and several other suggestion tools to provide you with suggestions based on your key word(s). To get suggestions:

  • Enter in whatever you would like suggestions on (in my example, I am going to look for suggestions on the keywords “Baseball”).
  • Choose your Language and whether you are searching the Web, Images, News, Shopping, Video or Recipes
  • Click Suggest
  • You can then click Select All Keywords if you want to copy them to a document

How to use Ubersuggest to create suggestions for a blog, hub or for website content.
How to use Ubersuggest to create suggestions for a blog, hub or for website content. | Source

I have removed the ads to save space in the above figure and also moved some of the search items below so that more are visible.

What Ubersuggest does is to search first for your keyword(s) and then adds letters and numbers to it and extracts these additional suggestions for your keyword. The figure above shows suggestions for a number of ideas, some of which I am interested in writing articles on:

  • Baseball video games
  • Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Baseball bats
  • Baseball 9th inning rules

You can click on each item for further suggestions based on that item.

Note: Clicking on the Green cross to the left of each item adds the item to your basket. If you click on Get once you have completed your basket, Ubersuggest displays these in a pop up windows so that they can easily be copied and pasted into another website or document.

Now, we take the suggestions from Ubersuggest and see what traffic Google AdWords Keyword Tools thinks our articles may get.

Using the Keyword Tool in Google AdWords to find the best keywords for your suggested new content from Ubersuggest

Now that we have some ideas on what to write, we need to use the Keyword Tool within Google AdWords ( to further hone our suggestions to ensure that we get the best possible traffic through to our new website article, blog or HubPage. We are going to use these suggestions to get an idea of what keywords, in particular long tail keywords will best help us direct readers to our content.

We are going to use the four suggestions we got from Ubersuggest above.

  • First, click Keyword Tool which is under the Tools and Analysis menu on the AdWords main page
  • I type these both into the Keyword Tool in Google AdWords.
  • I then ensure that I am searching all locations and languages
  • Finally, I use the Google website that my readers will use

How to use the Keyword Tool in Google AdWords to find the best keywords for new website, Hub or blog content.
How to use the Keyword Tool in Google AdWords to find the best keywords for new website, Hub or blog content. | Source
  • I then click Keyword ideas and then Search

Google will then produce a list of keyword ideas.

  • To save this data for further analysis, click Download / All Search Results

Examples of keywords found using the Keyword Tool from Google AdWords.
Examples of keywords found using the Keyword Tool from Google AdWords. | Source

Straight away, you can see that of the four search terms:

  • Baseball bats has High Competition and the best Global Monthly Searches of 201,000
  • Baseball 9th innings rules has Low Competition and the lowest searches of less than ten searches a month

Note: competition in this sense is the number of worldwide advertisers that bid on a keyword compared across all keywords. So where possible, choose keywords with High rather than Low competition.

With the information that we have so far, I have decided to look further into using the suggestions Baseball bats and Baseball Hall of Fame. I repeat my search looking first at Baseball bats on its own.

Next, I sort them based on Global Monthly Searches and I notice something interesting. Baseball bats get 201,000 searches, but Baseball bat (and its variations) gets 301,000.

Comparing keywords using the Keyword Tool in Google AdWords.
Comparing keywords using the Keyword Tool in Google AdWords. | Source

This is the power of the Keyword Tool. It allows you to further refine the suggestions that you get from Ubersuggest by comparing the traffic from your suggestions to other similar key words.

Using Google Search to check out the competition to your suggested new content ideas

Lastly, we will use Google Search itself to check a number of things related to your new potential content.

First, there are Google’s suggestions. Whenever you type in a word or phrase, Google provides you with a short list of related terms that you may like to look at (shown below for baseball bats). As these relate to your potential new content, you may wish to also check those out as possible new articles.

Using Google Search's suggestions for ideas of new content for your Hub, website or blog.
Using Google Search's suggestions for ideas of new content for your Hub, website or blog. | Source

Google also displays results related to your search at the bottom of the search which you can use for further suggestions.

Additional suggestions generated by Google Search
Additional suggestions generated by Google Search | Source

Next, we need to check out the competition you will be up against for our first suggestion, baseball bats:

  • The first few pages are made up of shops that sell baseball bats with the exception of Wikipedia.
  • There are no pages that are just about bats until around page 10 or 11

If we compare results with our other suggestion the Baseball Hall of Fame, we see articles starting on page two of Google.

Finally, we look at the top ranking articles themselves and ask ourselves some questions about them.

  • What do they do well?
  • What do they do not so well?
  • Can we do better than those articles?
  • Are there gaps in the information they present that we can write articles about?

If you feel that you can genuinely create better more engaging content, or there is no similar content to what you plan to produce then proceed with writing your article, otherwise it may be best to choose a different topic.

So what did Ubersuggest, Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Search show us?

Based on what we saw using the whole suite of tools:

  • The Baseball Hall of Fame long tail keywords received high enough traffic with medium competition and articles appearing on page two of our Google Search to suggest that writing an article on that subject could get decent traffic.
  • Baseball bat / bats keywords have too much competition for us to compete against the sites we saw on the first 10 – 11 pages in Google Search which were all selling bats rather than being content being written about bats themselves.

What next?

In order to identify more potential content and keywords (preferably long tail keywords) with high AdWords competition, good traffic and low Google Search competitors we should take more suggestions from Ubersuggest and Google Search and then run them through the Keyword Tool and Google Search for further analysis.


Ubersuggest is a wonderful site for getting suggestions on what to write if you are struggling to come up with suggestions for your next article for your blog, website or hub on HubPages. You can also use it to come up with suggestions related to articles you have already written or to come up with a new niche for your articles.

The Keyword Tool in Google AdWords allows you to check the traffic that your suggestions could get as well as how valuable the advertising could be that your page will carry. You can also use it to identify further similar keywords that may get better traffic through SEO as well as identifying keywords and long tail keywords that you can use in the content itself.

Finally we used Google Search to gather more suggestions and also to check the sites that yours would be potentially competing against to determine if your article could be successful. You can also look at the competition to identifying gaps in what they present which may give you further ideas on what to write.

I do hope that you have found this hub useful and that as a result you have found some suggestions on new content to write and also gained an understanding on how and when to use Ubersuggest, the Keyword Tool from Google AdWords and also new uses for Google Search. Many thanks for reading, please feel free to leave any comments you may have below.


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