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Use google trends to get more traffic to your hub or website!

Updated on November 25, 2013

People are constantly in "change mode", and their interests change with them. It is one of the attribute of human you may not minimize if you want to get constant traffic to your hub or webpages.

Web traffic is the battery that keep internet alive. It may be frustrating to watch your traffic analytic drop down and your earning with it. Of course, everything we (webmasters, bloggers and publishers) do is for traffic. Let's see how you can use the Google tools called Google trends to generate unlimited visits to your web pages and articles.

Google trends

Each day, a new feature raise up. People use the web search engine to search for it and find result. But, search engine just crawl the web to find such appropriate and related content to deliver to the web user. You'd like to know the trend of the moment and write about it to get traffics. It is where Google trends seem to be the most powerful.

Google trends monitor search query for user any where in the world to show up the most searched terms of the moment, the trends of the current time.

How to use "Google trends" to get traffics?

As i told it above, the search engine look in existing web pages to pick results to show to the user. It is not a paid listing, just the most relevant result will show up at result. So, you have all the opportunities to get these daily traffics to your hub pages or site pages.

Visit Google trends research here, at the home page, you will see the most popular query for the moment for a specific country, how much searches and what is the terms used for the trend.

In the Explore bar, enter any keywords and get results for terms related used by seeker in the last days, where they are located and how this term is popular.

If these terms are related to your site term, just write an unique and detailed article about it and get indexed and shown as results in first pages.

Hubpages is very important in this case because it is a multiple category website, just write a new hub and publish in the appropriate category to get more and more traffics.

Combine your SEO skills with the Google trends tools of the most used search engine "Google" and increase considerably your traffic volume. Also check out Google ad words keywords suggestions tools to add wisely into your articles.

Do you think Google trends can help you get more traffics?

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    • Stachart profile image

      Pierre Eustache C. 4 years ago from Haiti

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts!

    • drsohel profile image

      drsohel 4 years ago from Dhaka, BD

      Good article. I think I'll have to look google trends.....

    • Stachart profile image

      Pierre Eustache C. 4 years ago from Haiti

      Yeah! Using Google Trends and Adword keyword tools is a wise choice. You get the trend, you use the keywords that are the most popular which is related.

      And thanks for commenting!

    • sam.azgor profile image

      Sam Azgor 4 years ago from Bangladesh

      Ya, i am using google trends and adword keyword tools and it helps me a lot.

    • Stachart profile image

      Pierre Eustache C. 4 years ago from Haiti

      Thanks for your comment dear c0-hubber! Delighted to be helpful!, we'll keep working!

    • lsamson profile image

      lsamson 4 years ago

      That was a really great article and was a great and simple way to get more traffic to our hubs, thanks for sharing the info with us! I voted up, useful and interesting and followed! Cheers mate