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Useful Time Management Tips for Content Writers

Updated on October 8, 2012
Time management is essential if you are a content writer.
Time management is essential if you are a content writer. | Source


Write instead of reading.
Write instead of reading.


Make a Things to Do List

Make a Things to Do List
Make a Things to Do List

On your marks get set!

Time Management is Essential

Anyone who writes online, whether you are a blogger, content writer or affiliate marketer. You will fully understand how difficult it can be to manage your time effectively. Especially when you sit down to work and you end up reading articles, writing down ideas or doing everything else but the task at hand, Which should be writing. If you want to make a strong monthly, weekly or annual income from writing online, it is essential that you learn to manage your time effectively.

Learn to use the time you have wisely

Whether you write for revenue share sites like Hubpages or Triond, or whether you are a blogger or affiliate marketer. You are still going to be doing the same thing, writing. The process of writing is going to be pretty much the same:

  • Having an idea
  • Expanding upon the ideas
  • Keyword research
  • Writing the article
  • Gathering other materials like videos and pictures
  • Article promotion

Thinking of an idea, and brainstorming that idea in some ways is the easiest part for most people. However, the rest can sometimes be a chore, if you do not manage your time properly. You might plan to write five articles a day, and end up writing one, or none at all. Here are a few easy to digest tips you can follow, to help you manage your time.

Top Tip #1: Write Instead of Reading

So, you sit down at your desk, you switch on your computer and log on to the Internet. The first thing you see is the news. You read the news, and click on a few more links and by the time you realise you have been sitting down for half an hour, reading instead of writing. So, when you plan on writing, do just this. Write a list of things you need to do for a week or month. Get at least one of those things done before logging on to Facebook or Twitter, or reading the news. Here is an example of a list I have written for a week:

  • Write five Hubs
  • Write three Triond articles
  • Write five articles from client list
  • Write three blog posts

This is just a sample of some of the things I have to do on a weekly basis. I always make sure I get something done every day. Better still, I plan my days the night before Like this:

Tomorrow Things to do

  • Write hub about time management
  • Write Triond Article about Utlitarianism
  • Write two client articles from list
  • Write one blog post

I write those on a whiteboard in my office and tick them off. I start with the first thing on the list and work my way down.

Top Tip #2: Race YourSelf

Set yourself a timer, and work to the timer. I work in quick 20 minute bursts and take 5 minute breaks in between each 20 minute burst of writing. You will be surprised at how much work you can actually get done in 20 minutes. Stop for five minutes and stretch your legs, and start again. I use a software called Instant boss, it allows you to set work intervals, and it alerts you each time you need to stop, and when you need to go back to work.

Top Tip # 3: Plan Plan Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So planning is very important in any business. I always plan everything in advance. I plan my hubs, my Triond articles, my blog posts and all my client work. I write everything down on a huge sheet of paper and stick it on my wall. I put all my articles titles in a spreadsheet and tick them off as I go along. I also organise the links next to the title, so I can use them for article marketing. I do all my keyword research, and title planning in one go, and put everything on a spreadsheet. I learned this from the guys over at The Keyword Academy. It might take time to plan everything, but it actually saves you time in the long run. Obviously there will be times when I just get a brainwave and I have to write an article there and then. However, in general you need to PLAN.

Top Tip #4: Jot it Down

Carry a pen and paper with you, if you would rather put everything in your phone or iPad. Then do this, but when you have an idea you can just write it down. You can then add your idea to your idea bank. You can withdraw from this bank at any time, so it will save you time in the long run. Create a folder on your desktop called "Article idea bank." Put all your ideas you have thought of in there, so when you are writing a new article list you can pull from this.

Top Tip # 5: Designate Time

Divide your time into sections, so if you have to get your writing completed first. Say, the first couple of hours of your morning are going to be spent doing something from your writing list. If you want to promote your articles or blog give yourself a time block for this. If you want to take time to read and comment other blogs and articles, make time for this. Check your e mails once or twice a day, and give yourself a time block for this, unless you need to respond to an urgent e mail.

Here is an example of my time schedule

9 am-11am: Write articles (whether client, hubpages, blog, article marketing)

11am-12:30 pm: Check e mails and respond to e mails

12:30-1:30 pm: Lunch break

1:30pm to 2:30 pm: Read blogs,comment, FB and Twitter (15 minute slots for each one)

2:30pm-5:30pm: Write articles (five minute short breaks in between)

5:30 pm: Finish have dinner and deal with my son until he goes bed at 7:30pm (I have ticked off everything as I went along through the day)

7:30 pm: Plan things to do for the next day according to what I missed out that day. Also according to the things to do list for the week.

I plan everything month to month and week to week and tick everything off.

Top Tip #5: Get a Space

This is probably one of the most important things. Create a clutter free space where you do your work. Make this space for your work, and for your work only. When you go into that space, you are in work mode. This allows you to focus your mind on work and nothing else. Do not have a television or any other distraction in the room. If you do not have a space for you to do your work, go to the library and work. It can be difficult to get work done when you are sitting in clutter, mess and other distractions. In order to manage your time, you cannot have any unecessary distractions around you.

I hope these tips helped!

Head on over to my writing blog for more information on my life as a writer and business woman.

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Good luck with your writing efforts!


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    • intriguewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from worldwide

      Thank you! it does take some practice but once you get into the habit of following some of the tips. You will see a big difference. I found it very hard in the beginning but now I am doing it like it came naturally to me. You basically just have to get into a habit. Good luck!

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Love it! This is very good advice! I am really trying to get better at time management in my writing because otherwise, it really does take me all day sometimes.

      I will be bookmarking this with Delicious. Great stuff!


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