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Funny Poll Questions and Ideas

Updated on January 6, 2016
Confronted by pollster with huge list of questions
Confronted by pollster with huge list of questions

Polls, especially funny ones, are a neat and simple way to engage your visitors.

A question and a couple of answers, with the emphasis on humor, can add to the page experience and improve the feel of an article.

I have almost certainly overdone the polls on this page, but it was so easy to do, and so much fun to do it that I couldn't stop myself.

Here is the article...

Poll Poll

Do You Use Polls?

See results

I have been asked by Hubpages to produce the definitive work on poll usage and the using of them.

When I say "asked" they didn't actually ask me as such. I expect that was an oversight what with it being the weekend and them probably off doing other things.

Consider this a semi official guide in the absence of their official request and join with me in a celebration of the poll capsule and what you can do with it.

What I plan to do and it is more of a vague idea than a plan as such, is to use the Poll capsule to provide various interesting and useful polls throughout this page.

These polls will provide examples of how they can expand on the overall look and feel of a page, as well as allowing you the reader to answer a few questions should you be tempted.

Don't worry too much if you can't be bothered as I will fill them in later using a number of fake IDs.


Thanks to all those people who have joined in and waded through these polls - just for the fun of it!

All About Polls

Do you like answering polls?

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Two Funny Polls

In order to illustrate how funny polls can be I have put quite a lot on this page. You don't have to answer them all!

I hope they will be fun and give an idea of how an occasional poll can be amusing for a viewer.

One of the elements of polling is not just to find an answer to some daft question. It is to encourage and measure reader interaction.

  • Were people actually reading a page or skimming it?
  • Did they feel sufficiently engaged to choose an answer?

On this page I can see where interest begins to tail off. It is towards the bottom where quite frankly most people are beginning to get bored with answering polls. Or maybe they went cross-eyed.

Classic Poll

Do you think great literature is...

See results
Here is a picture of someone having a sleep to give your eyes a break from all these polls.
Here is a picture of someone having a sleep to give your eyes a break from all these polls.

Appropriate Polling

It is no good just putting on polls that have nothing to do with your page. Your reader, who is likely to be of low mental ability, will only be confused by this.

They may be reading a piece on dogs and you have put a poll asking who their favorite president is?

How could anyone cope with that kind of off the wall approach to polling? Remember, we are dealing with people who are barely able to dress themselves or determine what day of the week it is.

Ideally the poll will add to the readers enjoyment and engagement with your page as well as giving you valuable feedback.

Cat Poll

Is a poll on cats appropriate for this page?

See results

Color Poll

This is simple.

There are three colors available for the would be pollster.

White (none basically), grey (for losers), and blue (the choice of experts).

The poll allows you to decide.

Keen eyed readers will note we have now had one of each , so it should be a simple matter to review all three and have some kind of preference.

Color Choice

What is your favorite poll color?

See results


Twisting Poll Answers

Like all polling, especially the democratic kind, the questions are vital to ensure that you the pollster get the answer you want.

No one wants the public to come up with the wrong answer because you didn't get the question right.

So when you set up your polls either make sure the answers are scrupulously fair (if you are that kind of person) or ensure that they will result in the right answer.

See example of how to create a poll which appears to be reasonable but should result in a landslide result.

Bear in mind there will always be awkward types, who positively delight in giving misleading answers.

Political Polling

Which side of the political divide are you?

See results

Neat Poll Options

The poll capsule allows a wide range of options.

You can have as many answers as you want. I guess. I mean it probably goes up to ten, maybe more.

You can have either a bar chart or a pie displayed once the reader has voted.

That is actually all the options, which is not so many as I thought when I started this section.

It still beats the sheer inanity of a Like button though.

Bar or Pie Poll?

Well. Which One?

See results

How Many Polls is Enough?

I wondered, while I was writing this to be honest, at what stage the reader gets hacked off with stupid polls.

Maybe one pertinent poll is sufficient?

Or perhaps a number of polls is fun for the reader?

I wonder how I could find out?

Keen eyed readers will notice the addition of a don't know option. This is a handy way to start to muddy the water while appearing to be flexible.

Poll Numbers

Can you have too many Polls?

See results

Slanting Polls

If you want to get an answer that suits you, probably political, or maybe religion, then you need to think about your poll options.

It's possible to present a series of choices that split the opposing vote, and firm up on the for vote that is the one you seek.

Take a look at the political poll.

It is an example of the split vote that I might be aiming for, were I anything less than an open honest member of the writing community.

Good job our governments never try to do this.

Politics Again

What is the best political leaning?

See results

Is it possible to over use the poll capsule?

I suppose rather than typing this in order to fill up the page a bit I could just load up yet another poll.

But then I have a feeling that the joke, or point if you want to be generous, wore off about three polls ago.

On the other hand, it would be a bit rich to pose a question and not allow you to answer it so the poll is available should you choose to use it.

Incidentally, I realise now that I asked the same question earlier. Apologies for that. A useful lesson though to keep an eye on your poll usage.

Don't overdo it.

Too Many Polls

How many is too many?

See results

Take a Break

— Mark Ewbie (me)

When Interest Tails Off...

Around this part of the page interest begins to tail off. People enjoy a bit of poll fun but get bored fairly quickly.

It is a good idea to keep your reader awake with a professional looking advert for some cool looking stuff. That way they will re-engage with your polls or go buy something. Either way is a win-win.

Of course they may disappear completely.

Pollster Guy

"Just a few questions if I may, it will only take an hour and a half"
"Just a few questions if I may, it will only take an hour and a half"

And Finally

That is more than enough polls from me.

I hope it was just enough and not too much to give you a flavor of polls, polling methods and any other poll related information.

I will conduct an exit poll here and might come back in a while to check my reader feedback.

edit: The word "might" clearly indicates that I won't. I mean, who takes any notice of polls anyway?

Exit Poll

Was this page of polls...

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