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How to Use Squidoo to Raise Money (and engage your volunteers)

Updated on April 14, 2011

Squidoo was designed to help you raise money (awareness too) for a worthy cause

Squidoo is a free web platform that makes it easy for you (or your donors or anyone who supports your cause) to earn money, day after day, by building useful web pages.

Our current Squidoo-supported nonprofits include (there are nearly 100!):

Acumen Fund, ASPCA, Children's Defense Fund, Covenant House, DonorsChoose, Earthjustice, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, March of Dimes, Oxfam America, Polly Klaas Foundation, Room to Read, Save the Children and tons more.

If after you read this page you would like to apply to be a Squidoo nonprofit partner, this is where you can go to learn even more and apply.

The BIG win comes at the very bottom of this page, though, where we discuss mobilizing your constituents. Easy, free, trusted and most important: it really works.

Our founding team. Creating a new way to support charity online is a cornerstone of why we started Squidoo.

Our founding team. Creating a new way to support charity online is a cornerstone of why we started Squidoo.
Our founding team. Creating a new way to support charity online is a cornerstone of why we started Squidoo.

Simple, Direct and Effective

Numbers matter. As you and your supporters build more pages, you earn more donations.

The most important thing nonprofits should do here

Once you're a partner nonprofit

The real win for your non-profit comes when you mobilize the people who already care.

You can't ask them for more money. They're tapped out, you've asked before, and asking again won't help.

But each one of the tens or thousands (or tens of thousands) of people who support you have the skill necessary to build Squidoo pages.

We make it easy for them to do just that.

And if every page they build is organized to raise money for you (a nickel, a penny, a dollar, a dime), then every single day you're going to be putting the web to work to raise money.

And that scales. That decreases your dependence on grants or donations, because your legions of supporters are each building a long term asset for you.

It also gives those active people a new way to engage in your mission--in their mission--every day, for free, from home, in a proven, safe, smart way that works.


"It's a joy to us that people find Squidoo a good way to tell their stories. Looking through the lenses, I felt like I was hearing voices that we'd never heard before -- so many new stories. Squidoo unlocked them."

- Glena Records, Polly Klaas Foundation

A story about tennis balls and doing good

A note from Kimberly Dawn Wells, our Community Organizer

Let me tell you a story. Last year I created a lens to solve a problem. My dog goes crazy over tennis balls. Give her one, and *snap* it's in tiny pieces within minutes. So I created a lens with a few eBay modules that directed readers to good places for bulk tennis ball sales. It was kind of a stupid idea, really. After all, who goes out of their way to look up tennis balls online?

The first month the lens was live it made $6.87. Then $22.13. Then $32.37. In just over a year this goofy lens has generated over $127 for the Humane Society by selling stuff people were already looking for. Sure, some months are better than others, but what would it mean to you if just 100 people sent you $127 a year? Could you put it to good use? Of course you could.

It's a little easier to get excited about 1000 lenses pulling for you now, isn't it?


"Thanks to contributed royalties from thousands of lensmasters, Room to Read has built a computer room for kids in Kheri Kalan, an industrial town in India. We hope to help these kids to break the cycle of poverty through the lifelong gift of education. Thank you for helping us to create a brighter future through education."

- John Wood, Room to Read

Okay, nonprofits, ready to apply?

Here's how you apply.

There are 4 simple steps.

It's easy and very worth it. We hope you do it.


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