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Why I Like Virgin Mobile USA

Updated on August 31, 2012

Using Virgin Mobile

I like using Virgin Mobile as my cell phone company, because my credit is awful, so finding a cell phone company that would take me would be rough. With Virgin Mobile I can pay as I go. Perfectly suited for me. I can access the internet, download games, graphics, and ringtones, and I can quit whenever I want with no penalties.

I recently upgraded my phone and service. My husband gave me a phone for Christmas, and I had to use a monthly service with it. For $25 a month, I get 300 talk minutes, and unlimited everything else. I still don't have to have a contract, and there are two packages higher than the one I got. If you need more talking minutes, they have a 700 minute plan, and at the very top, an unlimited everything plan.

How I Started Using A Cell Phone

My husband decided we needed cell phones, finally, when we went out of town for a concert his band was doing in Milwaukee. My mother-in-law was taking care of our animals for us, and he thought it would be a good idea for her to be able to get a hold of us if something happened. I started with a Trac-Phone, and when I had money enough I switched to Virgin Mobile. I say money enough, because I had to get a phone. I've upgraded my phone twice since I started with Virgin Mobile about 3 years ago. I'm free to update or quit at my own leisure.

What's Your Opinion?

I prefer the pay as you go method. There's no long term contract, and I have more control over how much time I'm using. If I think I have to add money too often, I adjust accordingly. With a monthly bill you can't really do that until your billing cycle is over. I also like the flexibility of switching plans or companies without any consequences.

Which is better, prepaid, or pay as you go?

Who's Your Cellphone Provider?

Let's see who is the most popular here on Squidoo.

Which provider do you use?

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