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Wake Up People For Your Own Sakes !

Updated on January 24, 2017

On the trail.. The Chemical Trail

What's up with the weather?

Is anyone bothering to look up daily and notice any thing different about the sky? Can people be so really busy with their own lives enough to overlook the progressive and subtle changes, in the weather? Can anyone actually explain as to why there are changes in the weather patterns, notably the persistent grey clouds, which are actually exacerbated through the constant chemical spraying deep into the night and before dawn. Yes I know what you are thinking, this guy is a crackpot. Yes well this crackpot is doing all he can, to get you people to realise that we are soon about to be confronted by the impending ' King of Terror ' which I believe, is the foresight of the great seer 'Nostradamus' in the middle of the sixteenth century who mentioned such a terrible event, in one of his quatrains ( His visions, depicted in small verses). I am trying to make people be more aware of what's happening with the weather, and as to why the sky is so different. I mean is it not obvious? The sky is always dark and glum, cloudier than ever, and a mist or haze that prevails longer even when the sun is up. I mentioned the sun, but was careful no to mention which one. The binary sun is there too...the extra milky white glow from our own sun, burning ferociously as to being affected by the binary sun. I was wondering early on, and (A few years ago, but more intently,very recently) as to why, we always have the milky white large glaze, and the somewhat darker reddish brown tinted clouds below, towards the horizon, but always in tandem with the positioning of the milky white glow, always below and masked by clouds. I do know that there is a particular guy who has a website, and he actually shows lots of web cams from all around the world, different places, different time zones, sunnier climates, cold climates, from east to west, and north to south, this guy is adamant that something unusual is happening. The sky is dimmer, no matter what time of day, and the shadows are longer as if its later in the day than it actually is. And according to him, the reflections of the approaching Nemesis, Nibiru, Brown Dwarf Star, and the Moons and debris of it's entourage, are becoming more and more obvious.

Who is behind the greatest deception?

A very very important question can, and must be asked; Who is behind the greatest deception? Why are they hiding this from everyone? You really do have to ask this question, and firstly to yourself.. deep down. There will be a time soon, in the not too distant future, when they will not be able to hide whatever is going on up there in the heavens. It is really going to be an unbelievable surprise to millions of people. Those whom will have thought, This the stuff of science fiction', and was never ever going to happen. Well of course, this is absolutely a reality, and it is going to be an earth changing event, possibly to the extent of a total wipe out of humanity, or at very least, the vast majority of it.

The real values of the question to me would be these: Is it right to hide this away from the population? Is it right to do so? Preventing global panic, and eliminating, or lessening, the potential breakdown of law and order. Is it wrong to do so? Preventing people to prepare themselves, for their potential loss of all their belongings, their families, friends, and loved ones, pets, and most importantly, their own souls?. It would be disastrous, for millions and millions of people being caught unawares, and unprepared. But all is not lost, If there is any consolation, there is a sign which will be sent by God which will appear in the sky, prior to the events which are to engage us. The sign, is believed to be what God, has promised to the world as a final warning of his desire for the world to turn away from sin, and to seek his infinite love, compassion, and abundant mercy, he really has an abundant well of love, compassion, and mercy, which he wants to show to the world. When you think of God, and his love for the world and all mankind, that he gave us Jesus, who himself, was so willing to die for our sins, is an amazing gift of love. He does not want anyone to be lost, he wants everyone who is ungodly, and unjust, to turn to him and away from sin. Repentance, is what he wants, and for people to accept him as he is, to acknowledge him. Sounds easy enough, the reality is, this is not going to happen, because people who,in my opinion, are fortunate enough to have faith in God, and who are righteous, and just in his eyes, are inwardly ecstatic. They will be looking very much forward, to these events. There are those who don't believe, cannot believe, worship other gods, don't acknowledge Jesus, and so forth, so I cannot and wont make a statement about their eternal pathway. That's for God to decide.

For those who are inwardly curious, and aware, of the subtle but constant changes in the weather, and are studying the skies, as Jesus himself said " Look for signs in the heavens" (When asked by his disciples, of the nearing to the end of the world) and when you couple this with all of the weird weather patterns around the world, it can only make one wonder? Is 2017, the year when events, beyond mankind's control, changes everything forever? Will God actually hold them responsible for anyone?, who is ill prepared spiritually, or will he look upon that as self inflicted?, because after all it shouldn't take a possible earth, and life changing event to bring people closer to God. God wants to get closer to us all, and he sends us little messages, and signs occasionally, it's whether people realise them, and pick up on them.

There is one final question we need to as ourselves, and this is it:

Eternity is real and WHERE DO I WANT TO SPEND IT? This one question should be enough to help you make the decision, God gave us free will, we have to make that choice, its not too late, regardless, of who you are, what you have been, done, thought of, treated others, yourself, believed in, God will forgive you, if you ask him, to come into your life, your heart, mind, soul. He will give you absolution, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, he will save you. It really is a no brainer, In a way all this is a good thing, if it turns people around now while there is time, then its worth it.

God is about to do an amazing thing, he is going to purge the earth, and cleanse it from all of its sin, and he will wipe out all the ungodly, and banish them to the dreaded place, prepared for those from the foundations of the world, just as he has prepared Heaven for his chosen ones, and those who have repented, believed in him, and accepted his mercy.

All Glory and Honour to Him, the Most Glorious and Almighty, For ever and ever. AMEN


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