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Ways To Be Successful With SEO Online

Updated on July 20, 2017

Getting Traffic From SEO for Online Success

There are two ways to get traffic, either pay for it or earn it. When most of us are starting out we have no budget to pay for it so we have to earn it. The information here will give you an idea about how you go about getting traffic to your site.

When earning traffic there are several ways to do it, there is SEO, social media, blogging, backlinking, podcasts, videos, and others. For this, we are going to address SEO, which stands for search engine optimzation.

Search engine optimazation is the way you set your pages up to help them get ranked higher in the search engines. First you need to know the topic of your site to pick your keywords, keywords are what the site or page is about and they tell the search engines about your page so they know how to rank it. There are certain places to put these keywords for better use, In the url address but this is not as important as it used to be. In the title of your content and the description, and they should appear 2 or 3 times in your content. Putting the keywords in your content to many times can work against you. This is called spamming and will get you penalized and your rank lowered.

You also have what are called long tail keywords which are more then one word phrases that focuses on your site meaning, these are usually easier to rank for.

They should be in your alt text for your images and in your metatag discriptions for the individual pages.

They should appear in your in site links and your anchor text for the backlinks to your page.

Backling to improve your SEO

This takes us to links and backlinks, links are your site navigation for moving around with in your site. When your keyword for a page is mentioned on another page in your content you want to link that back to your page the keyword is for. This helps to create a boost in your ratings. Then you have to start working on getting backlinks from other sites to your site, this gives you a real impressive boost in rankings if done correctly.

Your want the backlinks to come from sites with high value content, high authoritive sites with a high page rank. Do not ever buy backlinks from sites that sell them, you have no idea of their quality and you can almost be sure the are computer generated and of low quailty that will get your site penalized and lowered in rankings.

The pages you need to have

Then you have the legal issues that help to boost your rankings if there because they show you are a quality site. These would be the privacy policy that shows you protect information, then you have the sitemap that shows the bots the layout of the site as well as anyone visiting how to navigate to where they want to go., And there is the about you/us page that tell about you or the company. It helps to have a name, number, and address on here.

Lets Review This

  1. pick your topic
  2. research your keywords
  3. pick the 25 best keywords
  4. place keywords properly
  5. Write Quality content
  6. link within site
  7. build quality backlinks
  8. Create an xml sitemap
  9. create a privacy policy
  10. create an about us page

Your SEO Foundation

If you follow all the steps in order you will see organic traffic starting to build after a couple months. You should never count on any one form of traffic and always have multiple options just like when you monitize, never have just one source of income, always set up 3 or 4 sources..

I gave a general explanation of the SEO techniques above, but you need to study and get good at them to be successful. The first one mentioned, number 1, is not a SEO technique but it is very important to pick a topic or niche that you can rank in so you have to start with that and research the keywords to it.

Good SEO practice is part of your content and should always be done to the best possible degree even if your plan is to get traffic another way. It gets built into the page and delivers organic traffic added to your other source of traffic, this is an asset because you can lose the other source of traffic like many did with the panda and penguin updates. This gives you the organic traffic to fall back on, plus your site has built authority and ranking slowly and is better established now.

Other forms of getting traffic

There are other forms of traffic, you have social media like pinterest, facebook, reddit, and stumblr. These work good for some traffic and you can brand yourself and get a following and really deliver some traffic to your site.

You can start an email list, or write an ebook. Use your imagination and gain eperience, before you know it you will be a success.

Create quality backlinks, this is necessary for good SEO but also can bring you a source traffic as these links are searched.

Write an article in content sites, this can bring some traffic and a backlink also.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to advertise your site, Learn how to use it to your advantage and watch how your visitors increase. It has a few things that I really like, you do not have to be good at it for it to work, as you get better your results will also. You build backlinks at the same time you are improving your traffic, and others can spread your stuff and it has a chance of going viral.

If you have any comments or suggestions that may help others please add them.

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