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Can HubPages Improve? 6 Improvements

Updated on January 25, 2013
Let's make it perfect.
Let's make it perfect. | Source

Is it just me or is HubPages amazing? Yes? Well I'm glad you agree! That's why we spend so much time on here after all... But as good as it is (see here for more on exactly how good it is), It's still far from perfect - there are just some things that the good people at Hubpages were bound to miss out.

This hub hopes to tackle these issues so that maybe we can make some changes around here!

If you have any suggestions yourself, feel free to complain in the comments section!

1. Language Tutorials

Particularly for hubbers such as myself the freedom to write in other languages in order to create language tutorial hubs is perhaps the most irritating part of HubPages.

Even if you translate every foreign sentence into english, there's still a very good chance that your hub will be rejected on the grounds that it does not comply with hubpages regulations!

The improvement therefore is for HubPages to incorporate a recognition of "tutorial" hubs with different regulations than other hubs! Just like poems can be very short and still not be taken down for being substandard, tutorial hubs should be allowed more foreign words than regular hubs!

2. Language-Pages

And why stop there? Why can't HubPages stem off to accommodate an international audience too?

A for example could allow around 128 million French speakers to appreciate the greatness that is HubPages.

Expanding their market could be very economical and not so much effort: having the same layout but everything translated into another language would only be a minor investment for the huge influx of people that would come because of it!

Copyright is very important!
Copyright is very important! | Source

3. Copyright

Copyright is still a big problem on HubPages. People can easily just take your hub, reword it slightly (if it all) and publish it on another website. Then, it will be you who will have your hub taken down because HubPages does not allow your content to be published on two websites at once.

This is a very big problem and although there have been success stories where people have fought with the cheater and Google and managed to get the duplicated content removed, it always took them a lot of effort and a lot of time.

This is partly because the first call of action is to contact the person who ripped off your hub. This person will most likely ignore you completely because there is absolutely no reason for him to help you catch him out!

A quick-fix for this problem is to have the publishing date placed visibly on each of our hubs. This would make it so when people go on to our pages, they will be far less likely to copy.

Why? Because that way they know that the date was recorded, meaning that it would be impossible to pass the content off as their own from a previous date. If they say they wrote that article in 2012 then you can point to your own one that says it was published in 2009!

This idea does have a big drawback though - people on HubPages could easily copy other people's articles and then paste that content into hubs they had published a long time ago claiming it as their own. A fix for that is to have a 'snapshot' of each hub for the first time it was published. This snapshot would show the hub exactly as it was when it was first published.

This would allow for the HubPages community to have a quick-fix copyright solution for the content they originally published but not for the content they made after that - a compromise that would prove to be useful to most but not all members.

4. Copying Tables

The inability of HubPages to allow a way to copy tables (as far as I'm aware) is very disappointing.

Because tables provide a very nice and professional addition to any hub, it's frustrating that you can't re-use long and extensive tables in other hubs as well as not being able to simply move them to other hubs (to use a different URL or account).

Perhaps we can have a way of copying the URL of a previous hub into a search box that will find all of the tables in that hub (like finding your own hubs in the "my hubs" section when making links to websites).

Hopefully, HubPages is working on this one as we speak since it is a small ask with very large consequences.


5. Copying Capsules

Ever had a template capsule that you needed to use again and again in order to format your hub? Well why couldn't you just write the template in one capsule and then copy that capsule several times!

Such an easy function will enable us to save the time and trouble it takes us to copy and paste certain headings and structures we need in our hubs.

6. eBay Capsules

Lastly, eBay capsules are infamously irritating!

  1. Not being able to handpick individual items that you think are appropriate is irritating.
  2. Having to type "-cars", "-stephen hawking" only to get 3 of the same items is really irritating!
  3. Spamming "RIGHT NOW ON EBAY" if you want to use more than one eBay capsule is incredibly annoying!

Removing the "right now on eBay" tag and fixing it up so you can choose individual items would be great improvements.

What do you think?

Which is the most important improvement that you feel needs changing?

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    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 4 years ago from Australia

      Wouldn't fresh comments contribute to 'fresh content'? I would have thought any addition would indicate the topic still had life. Makes you wonder about the value of 'evergreen' content.

      Regarding the issue of general improvements to HP that are not dependent on Google, I would suggest a little more attention is paid to the hubs featured on the HubPages main page. I haven't bothered looking at the current hubs displayed because it frustrates when I see poor work featured so prominently. It doesn't always happen but it happens too often.

      I enjoyed one of your featured hubs enough to click and read more of your work, Philanthropy 2012, but at the same time there was a spelling mistake on a summary featured by a different hubber - and numerous obvious mistakes throughout the hub.

      I expect the landing page to display the best of the best. I suspect, however, that being an apprentice must automatically open that opportunity. It's a shame, because it drags down the first impression people get when they visit this 'writers' site.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 5 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Philanthropy2012 -

      The purpose of ranking fresh content higher is due to Google's new algorithm to offer more timely and new content for search results.

      This is why HP started including the "last change date" in each hub. There was a form thread where HP was posting as they were experimenting with that until they got it right. Google was picking up on the wrong date for a while. Do a Google search for "Google loves fresh content" and you will find a lot of info on it.

      As for your question on Google Authorship, if you do a Google search for "claim your hubpages authorship" you'll find details including a hub I wrote about it.

      Once you have your HP profile and Google profile linked to each other, Google will know who had it first when they find a duplicate of your hubs.

      Thanks for your comment about my efforts. I try.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Wow, I didn't know that Google ranks fresh content higher - what is the purpose of this?!

      Regarding Google automatically dropping duplicates in SERPS, could you please elaborate on the Google Authorship? Being an apprentice I feel ashamed to tell you that I haven't heard of this!

      Thanks a lot Glen, you're comments have been insightful and far more useful than the norm - bravo to you!


    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 5 years ago from Long Island, NY

      HubPages had been working on the date issue. As I recall from numerous forum posts a few months ago, they actually had a problem with Google picking up on the original publish date and dropping the SERPs due to the hubs being too old. As you may know, Google is pushing for ranking fresh content higher. So HP settled on including the "last change" date in each hub. I don't particularly care for that, but I understand why it helps.

      As for your other point about people copying hubs and then having our own hubs taking down for duplication ... I found that Google seems to automatically drop listing duplicates in SERPS as long as we have claimed our authorship.

      They have their own record of our hubs as they were when first published. If it appears anywhere else it never gets indexed. I discovered that when I stumbled upon a copy of my hub somewhere but HP never complained to me about having a duplicate.

      With further investigation I found that that copy was not indexed in Google. I assume they caught it because I claimed my Google Authorship. That helps. Everyone should take advantage of that. HP made it easy now with the new profile initiated last year.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      I agree RelationshipC, it's such a terrible feeling!

      And yet, I feel almost powerless because any one of my articles could be being copied right now! : (

      Hopefully HubPages is working on something :S

    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      In a perfect world we wouldn't have to worry about dating our work or people stealing bits from our work, because people wouldn't do it out of pure moral obligation! I can't steal someone else's work...I would feel horrible!

      I have had to get some content taken down from other websites. There is no way to describe how painful and frustrating it is to see your article (that you worked hard on) on someone else's site. I wish there was a way to instantly grab it and tear it down from their site. I think the date idea would definitely deter people from stealing content.