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A Good Way to Earn Money is Blogging With Hubpages - Write Original Content Articles

Updated on May 20, 2015

How To Earn Money Blogging With Hubpage Articles

I found a great article today about the best ways to make money with hubpages. I have been writing hubs for a year or so now. From the beginning, I thought it could be a profitable hobby and I thought I could learn how to earn money blogging with hub page articles. I have followed some suggestions and feel that they have helped. These new suggestions on how to earn money blogging with hubpage articles make sense and I am anxious to try some of these ideas.

First off, find a niche topic to write about with key words that are often searched for. Since people tend to shop for products online and search online for those products, one niche topic may be online shopping or buying. If several people search to buy a particular product and you have an article or articles about that product, you may end up with a lot of traffic. It's not my favorite thing to do, writing about products, but it may help with moneymaking. People tend to search and read more when shopping for a particular product. If really interested in buying the item, it may temp them to click on ads too.

Another topic may be writing something about celebrities. Several people for some reason are interested in celebrities leading to more traffic and more clicks. Photos of celebrities or photos of popular places may also be highly searched for online.

To get started down the right path in writing hubs, try to focus your writing on topics such as hobbies, relationships, recipes, money or health. Also write about what you are passionate about. Your excitement will come through in your writing and you will be able to write more about it if you have a keen interest and much knowledge on that particular topic.

Lastly, use the capsules on hub pages to your advantage writing at least 400-600- words in your articles, putting pictures lower in the capsule and adverts higher. Also keep reading and reading as to how to earn money blogging with hubpage articles as well as by using other forms of blogging.

Ways Of Earning Online

I have been writing hubpages for almost two years now. At first, I was very reluctant and was just doing it because I like to write and I was using the forums which are helpful. I then left hubpages for awhile and didn't write much at all for several months. I have since returned and have been writing several hubs since around November 2010. I am trying to learn more and more about how to be successful with hubpages. I am slowly seeing some success, but I find that I must put in a lot of time right now. I continue to read success stories of how it will pay off if you're patient. There is so much to learn when it comes to being successful that has a lot more to do with SOE and back linking and networking and not just writing. I'm not as interested in that part of it but I am plugging away trying to learn a little at a time. In the last two months since I have been spending several hours a week on hubpages, I have seen my google adsense revenue increase little by little each month. It is still not very high but I'm hoping that with this hobby, that someday it will be.

It is very interesting and helpful to read about others experiences and other successes about the best ways to make money with hubpages. It helps give ideas that are so easily overlooked. It helps encourage and inspire people to keep writing. Thank you to all of you who help.

Money and hubpages

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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Good tips! I'm looking forward to trying to "work" at HubPages after a major interruption in my start at it.