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How To Protect Your Gmail Account.

Updated on April 22, 2014

My Gmail Account

I've been using Gmail since 2006, I have one for my private use, and 5 other accounts for business - which I used for registration to social networks and other purpose.

After almost 8 years using Gmail - it may sound funny though that I just learned these two important things about protecting my Gmail account today.

Please allow me to share this, hoping that this information would be of help to everyone else in HP community.

Email Account Hacked
Email Account Hacked

1. How to check if someone is logging into your Gmail account?

I found this very important because I use my Gmail both for private and business, sometimes I store some important information that may be of interest to others.

One thing I like about Gmail is there is always a better way to sort things out if you mess something on your account - thanks there very detailed support page.

For the sake of illustration, allow me to use my personal Gmail account, which was recently hacked by someone miles across from I am frequently using my Gmail account.

Here's How

Step 1. Log in to your Gmail account

Step 2. Once logged-in...

Go to to the bottom-right corner of your inbox, and find this tiny phrase "Last account activity:" the click Details.

Once clicked - a pop-up window will display the last 10 activities or so of your Gmail account. It show the Access Type, IP Address and Location, and the time and date of access.

As you can see on the images below, it show that my current location is in Libya, but last April 3, my account was accessed from the Philippines.

Step 3. Remedial action

It is indeed alarming to know that someone was able to access your account from the other part of the the world. I was kind of panic when I saw this thing happened to my account.

Good thing is, we can easily change the passwords, for which I did instantaneously. I also downloaded some vital information stored in my inbox to a safer location.

To enhance security you may change, you may opt to change the alert preference as shown in the image below.

How to Change Alert Preference

Now having learned the simple yet important solution above, your email account is somehow safer than before.

Now, have you experienced logging into your Gmail account somewhere and forgot to logged out? It happens to me many times at airports and internet cafes and suddenly I caught myself I am on the rush to catch my flight or something.

2. How to Log-out from your Gmail account remotely

This information is very important if your are accessing your Gmail account other than your house or office workstation. In case you forget to log-out from your Gmail account, dont panic and go back to the place, because here's a simple thing to do - log out remotely

Step 1. Log in to your Gmail account.

Step 2. Once logged-in...

Same as above - go to to the bottom-left of your inbox, and find this "Last account activity:" the click Details.

On the Pop-up window find and click the button with the phrase "Sign out all other sessions".

Just one click of the mighty button and Viola! You've been logged out from your other sessions.

Step 3. As a precautionary measure, I suggest that you should change your password immediately.

That's all for today folks. Tomorrow is another learning day. Happy Easter everyone.

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