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What I learnt using Hubpages - Hub 100

Updated on July 6, 2010

My 100th Hub

 I have decided that my 100th hub is not going to be made for a commercial audience as about 60 % of them usually are, but to rather share my journey so far on hubpages.

I was primarily working on my website and an ebook when i stumbled across hubpages and was always scared to learn how a 2.0 webpages site works( for the newbies its a site using picture and text). I was ecstatic to find the hubpages system of inserting text, pictures, links and rss feeds was so easy to use. Got to give it up for Maddie Ruud on the team on the ease with which a new hubber can write here.

So, I joined hubpages much like yourselves and decided to write first about what I know. Big mistake. I had a few hubs up and running and slowly watched as the profile score climbed towards 70.

Out of ideas now and having checked out some of the forum headings, what could I do.

I decided to head on over to the forum discussions for the new hubbers and have a wander around some of the questions and answers posed over the months. I found that the same hubbers profiles were appearing over and over again in the answers, with the most helpful advice.

So what next.......

I read alot of hubs over the next couple of weeks whilst watching my profile score surpass 75 allowing my hubs to now appear in the search engines. After roughly 30 visitors in the first few days, from the hubs already published, I was shocked that visitors had found what I had written on hubpages. I knew I had found it. The winning formula. A happy place to write and some organic search traffic.

I knew about search engine optimisation and was shocked to see how relevant hubpages was found to be in the search results. So what more could we ask for.

1. We have an excellent platform to design our stories and articles on

and 2. The site ranks highly on its own to help us get visitors.

So, I was off to implement the changes that I had found mentioned on the hub masters hubs like Dale Mazurek , Dawei 888 , Sunforged , Dark side and Mark Knowles to name a few.


Choice of Markets

I still work a day job and so a lot of my writing is to maintain a steady client base finds my wares. This has an influence on my writing style as half is work based and the other half to share what I have learned along the way and what  has interested me at one point or another.

I chose these markets because I know them and for a new writer it can be a stumbling block not knowing where to start. The point is to start somewhere though. I am writing this hub also to see what sort of response it gets as it will have no link purpose whatsoever and I hope to just generate one idea or spark for another hubber who has writers block to continue.

Why am I doing this?

I searched for months to find a format to generate a passive income and admit I bought a few ebooks and such along the way via the email marketers who fill my mailbox everyday (just don't have the heart to change mail addresses on them ).

The point I'm making is that it took a while to find the format I,m happy with and I must give credit to those who do this for a full time living. It proves it works. My aim is to maintain the level currently gained on pushing out hubs and enter more 30 day challenges to snowball the number of hubs a bit. This is after all a retirement initiative and not fast and easy money.

If I hit 1000 hubs in 5 years Im happy. The new hubbers need to remember is that the work done is only done once and remains there to continue generating revenue and traffic for years. So thats why I'm doing this.

So in conclusion

I would like to thank all those who have shared great advice, made comments, read a hub and helped me get this far.

and to all those new hubbers reading all you can in the hubpages subsection to get some great advice from some great hubbers and marketers.

To the next 100...


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    • Dale Nelson profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Nelson 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks a mill Nicomp.

      Good luck with your next milestone.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      9 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Thanks for writing this. Good luck with your next 100 and the 100 after that!


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