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What Makes a Popular Hubpage?

Updated on September 19, 2012
Writing a good article for Hubpages
Writing a good article for Hubpages

What Makes a Popular Hubpage?

This is another installment of a continuing series of articles from me that is trying his hand at on-line free lancing. I only have 15 or so articles in a one month period on hubpages but two of my articles are getting heavy hits for different reasons.

The First Article

The first article getting many hits, is a niche type of article about a very narrowly focused article on a subject that most other people don't cover.
It concerns what's called HDR photography. HDR photography does have many articles written, but what I did was write an article about HDR photography in conjunction with a specific camera.

People with that specific camera that want to learn about HDR photography read my hubpage, because of the subject and the keywords Google found, I'm second in a Google search just below a much more established site.

I think I hit the right combination of keywords and the right idea on making this an article that has a narrow audience.

Second Article

The second article is about travelingtips to Puerto Vallarta. This is a place I love and consider a second city. What I did was write an article containing travel tips to Puerto Vallarta than put a link on tripadvisor. I had a huge impact on hits but it has slowly gone down.


I'm thinking in the long haul, the first article HDR photography will have more hits until that specific camera becomes obsolete, but even then there will be some traffic looking for that “obsolete” camera years from now that wants to do HDR photography.

The Puerto Vallarta article was wrote with a deep understanding of the city but I didn't give the article a good title and keywords (something I can change.) This article received many hits because of my link to tripadvisor but to sustain a decent route of traffic to this article I will have to change a few things. I know it's a solid article just have to make the search engines agree with me.


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