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What Printed Leaflet Provides Highest ROI For Your Leaflet Distribution?

Updated on March 14, 2016

The best leaflet size to print on

With a door to door leaflet distribution campaign your main focus is to have a flyer that will instantly attract people's attention and give them a reason to respond; it is not to overload someone with information. As such anything over A5 is generally too big, and doesn't fit well through a letterbox. If the flyer is going with others (a shared distribution) then A6 risks being lost. If going as a solus (just your flyer) then A6 can be a great option as it's easy for the receiver to pin it on their notice board, and it's good on price too. A DL (envelope) size is a great option often as it stands out from the typical A5 and is a little cheaper than A5 flyers to print. Another option is square as this is a very unusual shape that really stands out. No definitive answer here I know; but consider if you need quite a bit on there then A5 is best, otherwise consider a quirky shape such as square or DL.

The best leaflet weight to print on

This is entirely dependent on two things, budget and type of business you have. Price wise the lightest is obviously cheapest; something like a 130gsm. The type of business plays the bigger role. For example, if your business is selling discount TV's then you want to appear like a discount shop, in which case a 130gsm is ideal. It is cost effective for you, and won't give off the impression you have huge margins that allow you to overspend on marketing. On the other hand, if you sell bespoke suits and are based in an affluent area, the likelihood is that you won't be taken seriously if you send out a printed flyer on 130gsm, even if the artwork is excellent. Instead, you need to consider between 250gsm and 350gsm as these portray quality and will in turn represent your business as a quality establishment.

The best leaflet finish to print on

Generally speaking the finish will have no bearing on price. However, if you are looking for a very fast turnaround via a litho print run, then gloss does tend to dry that bit quicker. Generally speaking, a gloss finish is best suited when selling a discount or lower priced product such as cheap TVs or takeaways. It is a shiny and slightly sticky finish. Silk is a smooth matt like finish that looks more sophisticated and is very common for 250gsm and 350gsm paper stocks. Also, when distributing, a gloss flyer (especially a thin one) risks getting stuck together, where as silk is generally much easier for a distributor to take one a t a time, resulting in a lower risk of double distributing.

The best leaflet for price to print on

The price of printing leaflets and flyers works on a basic principle that the more you do the cheaper it is, and the thinner the flyer the cheaper it is. If you are printing for a leaflet distribution then you will be printing litho instead of digital. Digital print is only cost effective on small runs (up to about 1000), though litho at 5,000 and below is relatively expensive. If you are distributing them you will probably be having a minimum 5,000 printed anyway. The price difference between 5,000 and 10,000 may only be about a 20% increase, so do plan ahead - if you will be repeating the distribution then print more at once. Here is the order of sizes based on cheapest through to most expensive (typically): A6, DL, square (148x148mm), A5, A4. The price will also increase if any folds are included. A4 is the worst option as it will be very expensive, it will be overwhelming for someone to comprehend everything on it, and it will look a mess once squashed through a small letterbox. If cash allows, print all at once for your campaign if doing multiple drops, as the saving can be significant.

Tips to remember

When printing leaflets for a distribution campaign remember what your business does, what your ideal client expects, and work around the budget you have. Sometimes the more expensive is not better, but sometimes it's essential! Always ask your printer for advice if you're unsure as they could really save you money and help increase your ROI!


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