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What do i Learn on Hubpages after 4 months membership?

Updated on February 17, 2013

It comes a time when either you want a place to host your content free or you want to earn money publishing online. Following searches engines results, mouth to mouth news or any links on the internet, you stumble upon hubpages and you decide to create an account there and start writing articles.

If you just heard about hubpages in this post, it is a publishing platform where you write articles and share videos online. You earn a decent revenue share 60/40 from Google ad sense, up to $10 per thousand articles views with hub pages ad program and sales revenue from E bay and Amazon.

I joined hubpages a few months ago and i have learned a lot of things. Writing on hubpages, i learned that:

1.- Quality is better than quantity

From my experiences, quality articles is better than a huge list of low quality ones. Because you are trying to build a passive income, you will not have time to promote them day after day to get traffic from social networks and social bookmarks sites. The best way is to make your article high quality to reach an acceptable position in the S.E.R.P (Search Engine Result Pages). So, you'll convey that a lot of quality articles is better than a single great one, the solution is to meet quantity and quality in each of your articles.

2.- Revenues shared greater than non shared ones

It could be unbelievable, but hubpages revenue can be greater than your site revenue even if it is shared! When you have a website where you are trying to get an high ranking on search engines, hubpages is already high ranked on almost all searches engines. While you are trying to get visitors for your website, Huber are browsing others hubs to find resources, get badges for their activities and keep their Huber score high. You'll have more unexpected traffic on hubpages. Also, when you are not allowed to get approved in high c.p.m ad networks, with hubpages, you get cost per thousand views ads for up to $10 per 1000 views. So, higher rate, more traffics make you more money for less work!

3.- Social bookmark can be used for more than short term visitors

When you use social networks and social bookmarks sites, you may use it for quick and immediate traffic before the ranking of your articles for organic traffics. But it can do better than that, it can continue to drive you visitors months after you publications. I'll take example of stumble upon dot com, you add a page you like under a category, and start receive traffics for long time after your publication!

4.- Earning Increase without new content

There are more than two ways to increase your revenue on hubpages. Without submitting new articles on hubpages, you can generate more money on hubpages without hacks. You have a flexible referral system at hubpages where you can refer any pages and earn revenue share, so, 12% from pages you like and share is a good way to earn more money. Also, taking part in hubpages activities will help people find you and visit your profile to see what kind of content you are publishing on hubpages, mean more traffics and more money!

I have learned that practice makes perfect is a fact, passive earning is a patient game and online publishing is an art! Enjoy turning your hubpages activities into profit for your pocket!

Do you feel happy with hupages?

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    • Stachart profile image

      Pierre Eustache C. 4 years ago from Haiti

      Yeah! We do find informative articles on Hubpages! I don't get it as a bonus :) i have my own website where i could write! I see it like a place to get rewarded for our searches and where i can share knowledge and experiences that is not related to my site theme!

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      I love Hubpages because of the information I get from the hubbers. The additional income is a bonus.