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What is Affiliate Marketing | Who Can Start it?

Updated on April 30, 2013

Watch Entire VIdeo | Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing | Source

Affiliate Marketing : Introduction

Affiliate Marketing is a method of marketing where a person is able to sell products or services which are not owned by him/her, but still be able to earn from it.

Affiliate marketing has gained its popularity during the last decade profoundly due to its huge income potential and faster results online. The internet has given affiliate marketers wings by its ability to utilize personalized user interaction.

So, How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First off, Affiliates or people who promote affiliate products have to be a part of an Affiliate Network. These affiliate networks have a whole variety of products(mostly digital; depends on the network) which are ready to be promoted in the market.

Once a person joins an affiliate network, he/she could be called as an Affiliate. They are then provided with unique links with their affiliate-id in it, for each product the choose to promote. Whenever someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase, the affiliate gets a certain percentage of the price for that particular product. Affiliate Networks provide analytic tools for affiliates to choose their products by studying average sales, click through rates, conversions etc.

Affiliate Networks

Some of the popular affiliate networks are clickbank, clicksure, commissionjunction, amazon etc.

All the purchases and payment transactions are handled within these affiliate networks so that marketers(affiliates) does not have to bother about it.

Depending on different affiliate networks, promotional tools could differ. Marketers depend a lot on these tools to determine the popularity of a product. For example, one could decide which product could make more profits by analyzing the popularity and conversion percentages for other marketers who are already promoting that particular product.

commission junction
commission junction

How to Promote Affiliate Products:

This is the phase where everyone get frustrated and stuck. From my personal experience, one should consider this as a business and should put a budget aside for advertising once you are used to the basics of affiliate marketing. Well, there are free methods too to promote affiliate products, which i would discuss in a short while.

Why advertising? Because, most of these products earns you more while it is in a particular time frame. I mean, you should be able to reach a lot of potential people with that product before it gains popularity. This is made possible by doing advertising campaigns.

If someone promotes a product once it is already in the market and people are already used to seeing it, you could imagine how much it would convert!.

But at the same time, if the product is fresh in its market, a good profit could be made with that product alone.

Who Can Start Affiliate Marketing?

Literally, anyone with basic internet knowledge can "Start" affiliate marketing. BUT, to be successful in it is a whole different story; which should be learned and mastered along the way.

One should be thorough about selecting a profitable Niche/Market, a product and how to get the product in front of potential customers.

Getting traffic to promotions and/or webpages is a big hurdle for almost 95% of all the people who get into affiliate marketing. Some basic skills which could help in affiliate marketing are content creations, basic knowledge in SEO, page ranking, back linking etc.

How to get Immediate results:

Paid advertising is the way to go for immediate results. But this is not meant for everyone. Why? Because one should really be used to how paid advertising works.

Each and every affiliate promotions won't convert good with all kinds of paid advertising. There are different kinds of advertising methods namely; cost per view, cost per action, cost per click, contextual ads, banner ads etc.

Not to mentions, all the above said are "paid" advertising. so every single click and view is valuable. Unless each and every factor is fine tuned, paid ads could end up in loss.

Therefore, It would be a good thing to acquire enough knowledge about creating a good content, article, video, banner or whatever it is that you want to advertise through which you like to attract your customers.

What is the Best Way To Start Affiliate Marketing?

I would recommend starting off with a couple of content/article websites like hubpages and squidoo, and also with a personal blog. Start one for free at

First off, get used to different methods to get your content published. Like article publishing, blog posts, videos etc. Then, watch how ads are being placed on your articles and the possible ways it could interact with you as a reader/customer.

Once you are used to these, start promoting one or two products of your niche with your blogs. You can do this by joining any of the affiliate networks i mentioned in the beginning of this article for free.

Almost all products come with banner ads with codes so that all you have to do is copy and paste it into your blogs. Try different placements on your page.

Some Free Ways To Get Traffic:

Using content publishing websites like hubpages and squidoo would eventually get traffic from search engines.

Use free classified ad sites. Place free ads on these sites. This method is overlooked by most people thinking that it is a useless way. Even if the number of people coming to your pages from this method are few, they are possibly highly targeted customers. Because they click on your free ads knowing what they are looking for.

Using sites like yahoo answers. Join forums of the market you are involved in. clarify and answer those problems faced by people in that market, and put your link to your page where ever applicable.

Conclusion to Affiliate Marketing:

Even though Affiliate Marketing is easy to start up, it is quite a long journey to master the techniques by testing and tweaking different things.

But once you cross the amateur line, the time and money you spend would surely be worth it. For that, you should lay for yourself, a strong basement. I mean, produce videos about what you know, create a facebook page, write articles, MUST have a personal/niche specific blog.

By the time you get used to all these, you'd make yourself acquaint of all the needed techniques to get your affiliate marketing to higher levels.

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