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What is

Updated on May 31, 2010
the shetoldme gals
the shetoldme gals

Shetoldme and Backlinking

As a hubber, is first and foremost one way for you to help build up backlinks to all the content you have slaved over. Backlinking is an important way to help get the word out about your hubs. It works by allowing you to submit your hubs and articles to which will then post a link to your hub on their site. Having links elsewhere on the net then helps to bump your hub up in search engine results. Meaning more traffic for you and thus more page views and more money making opportunities. Think of it as an internet popularity contest. The more links coming back to your content, the more important and sought after your information must be right? At least that's how the big search engines think.

Shetoldme and Social Bookmarking

Beyond the boost you get from search engines, you also get direct traffic from by members and guests who visit the site and come accross your link posted there. This is's secondary role for hubbers, that of a social bookmarking site. A bookmarking site will take your link to the hub you have posted, and introduce it to other users. These users will then travel to your hub and check out your content and if they like what they see they might vote for it, pushing your scoop higher up on's list of links. This nets you good exposure and encourages well written and informative hubs. If you're lucky you might even hit it big with something very popular and thus get a huge influx of views from

Shetoldme and Adsense

Backlinking and bookmarking are not by any means exclusive to The thing that makes standout when compared to other sites that offer the similar services is that has an adsense sharing system in place. This means that if you sign up for and add your adsense account to to your account, revenue from ads displayed on the scoop page for your hub, will also be added to your adsense account. So if you submit every hub you publish to, you have even more chances of getting money through adsense.

shetoldme and referrals

perhaps the most intriguing aspect of is it's referral system. You may have noticed that I have linked ever instance of on this hub. The reason is that each person I refer, I get to have an ad on the scoop page they submit on As I understand it, this will not take away from this persons ad revenue. It instead activates an adsense ad field that was not active before, which will display 100% of the time and give you an extra stream of revenue, especially if many people sign up for using your referral link.

Try it out, and good luck!


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