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What is a Successful Hub?

Updated on December 11, 2010

Make Your Hub Stand Out Learn Good Ideas

Choosing a Good Topic Can Make a Difference

Before you can start a hub you must choose a good topic. Choose a topic that will get and keep readers' interests. You do not want to make your hub too long or too short. Making a hub too short may cause readers to become curious about more information and feel that your hub is lacking in knowledge and good sources and facts. Keep in mine though that a hub that is short and to the point is better than an extended hub that just rambles on. Making yourself clear is also very important because no one will be interested in reading something that they don't understand. While you want to sound intelligent over use of a large vocabulary may lose readers' interests. Keep within the subject matter. Set only examples that are relevent and matter to the topic. State only sources and facts that drive your point but don't just ramble on with a lot of facts and sources. Spelling is very important to a lot of readers. I once had a person read an article that I wrote and she found one mispelled word and only made a point of that to me. She never mentioned whether the article was useful, helpful or even credible. You also want to link to as many other hubs as possible and other sources as possible to get your message read. There are sources that you can link to such as Twitter and Facebook which are very popular and other listings here on HubPages. This will help to create followers and drive that all important traffic to your hub. You want to add photos and vidios that relate to your topic which is always helpful in tweaking the interests of your readers and followers. Lastly proofread your work as many times as you can to find gramatical errors, spelling errors and words that may convey an entirely different meaning than you are trying to explain.So in summerizing you want to keep your hub at about 750 to about 1000 words, stick to the subject matter, state only relevent facts and sources, add photos and vidios whenever possible to draw attention to your readers, link to as many trusted sources as possible, use your tools here on Hubpages to link to other hubs which help gain followers, credibility, and popularity. Also remember to proofread your material. Keeping these things in mind will help you have a successful hub.



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    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      This is realy good information for any hubber. Oh,and a big K9 Welcome to HubPages proactrdv!