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What is the biggest HubPage Category: Using google to obtain HubPages statistics

Updated on November 30, 2011

Extracting data from Google

Google is a very helpful tool. See, it's not only a index about URLs and pages, but it can also provide you other data that in principle you even can see.

You provide a keyword, it returns lots of links. What is more, it show to you how many links are related to you query. Advance search gives you other possibilities. You can restrict search, and refine you results. Restrict your search results to a site only, using the functionality site:<site_name>.

For exemple for the topic Home I used URL the following in google's query:

I was pretty curious whether about how hubpages have been indexed by google search engine. Also I was interested to know what category in hubpages is the biggest, what is the smaller, etc.

I know there is a page displaying how many hubs a topic have, but I was interested to know how hubpages are related to google index so I decided to create some statistics :-)

Topic numbers

Home is the biggest category. It has around 955.000 pages on google's index. So impressive.

Google is also nice with other topics such as art and design, books literature and writing, games toys and hobbies, hubpages tutorials and community and health.

Other topics have very low participation on google search results. Actually there much more hubs in those topics.

Ok, topics such as tecnology and sports and recreations might have more than a subdirectory or subdomain. But it also might have a problem with it's content.

The following table shows all data collected :

Category	                 pages amount
Home	                               955000
art and design	                        62000
books-literature-and-writing	        54100
games-toys-and-hobbies	                36500
hubpages-tutorials-and-community	    12400
healh	                                 6700
gender-and-relationships	             3500
business-and-employment	                 3300
personal-finance	                     3130
travel-and-places	                     2900
food-and-cooking	                     2800
food-and-cooking	                     2400
autos	                                 1700
education-and-science	                    9
family-and-parenting	                    6
holidays-and-celebrations	                6
religion-and-philosophy	                    5
politics-and-social-issues	                4
pets-and-animals	                        3
sports-and-recreation	                    2
technology	                                2


Based on the data I collected, I came to the conclusion that would be better to assign your hub to certain specific topic. Depending the topic you choose, your chances to be reached by organic searching are higher.


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    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Very interesting and useful. Voted up.

      Thanks for sharing ahazell.

    • lejonkung profile image

      lejonkung 6 years ago

      brilliant post thanks