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What to Sell to make Money With Classifieds

Updated on May 18, 2012

What to Sell to Make Money

These days we could all do with making a little extra money, after all the worlds is in a recession and even whole country’s like Greece may default on its debts.

One way you can make money is selling things via free ads and classified ads.

Knowing what to sell to make money is often difficult, but you this could be items you have spare around the home, or specialist things you have brought to sell. It can also be specialist information you have.

Whatever you are selling Craigslist is a great starting point, but knowing how to list things on Craigslist can be difficult.

What to sell to make money
What to sell to make money

One of the things I have been selling for some time is a video tutorial of how to sell things with classified ads. In fact I even show people how to sell the course they can buy for a one off $20 purchase price, for $20 a pop time after time.

For more details of this see What to sell to make money link.

If you are more interested in sell products that information the above system works really well and you might like to have a dig around at home and see what old jewelery, electronic goods, sporting goods or household furnishing you have surplus to retirements.

My Success With What to Sell to Make Money

I did exactly that, cleaned out my garage, my loft and general scoured all my cupboards and then created 60 different sale items on Craigslist .

One week later I was taking $957 to my bank and I had a tidier house. I also spent a few hours implementing the system above and now I also sell the method I used to make $957 in one weekend. So far my earnings from this in one month have been $600.

The one thing I would say is classified ads might seem a bit old hat, in these days of internet technology but you can still make a small fortune if you know what to sell to make money and how to sell the things using classified ads.


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