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What is communication? Describe its scope and importance.

Updated on November 26, 2011

Origin of communication:

The word "communication" comes from a Latin word "communicare" which means to share, to express and to have in common.


Communication means the exchange of messages betwwen human beings. It is the act of sharing or transmitting the knowledge, inmation and proposals to others. It is a two way process: It is an interaction between the sender and the receiver.

Following are some of the well known definitions of communication.

1. Aristotle:

"Communication means the search for all available means of persuasion."

2. Prof. Parkhurst:

"Communication is the main high-way to all human relation"

3. Oxford Dictionary:

"Communication is the action of conveying or exchanging information and ideas."

4. George Terry:

"Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons."


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    • profile image

      Aline 17 months ago

      Communication is the process of exchanging ideas amongst two or more persons.

    • profile image

      zain 24 months ago

      it is really Useful Thanx..

    • profile image

      aysha 2 years ago

      Communication is the exchange of feelings and emotions.....

    • profile image

      mahreen khan 2 years ago


    • profile image

      jaffry 3 years ago

      like it

    • profile image

      khalid muhammad musa 3 years ago

      communication is one of the most important medium of exchange which links one to the other to have a better understanding of each other.

    • profile image

      millat yar afghan 3 years ago

      communication is the only process on which every living thing in universe attached to each other . as a student i think the communication is not only for human bing but for all living thing to understand one another .

      thanks dears

    • profile image

      harrygarry61 4 years ago

      any act by which one person gives to or receives from another person information about that person's needs, desires, perceptions, knowledge, or affective states

    • profile image

      niti garg 5 years ago

      about communication above information is very gud,very simple,accurate.this information is very useful for me.thanks.....................

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      It is to get to the other side.What one is trying to say can only be understood after it get to the other side of thought. "Trading thoughts" would be a fine title for communication.