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What's the HUBBUB About Hubs..Bub

Updated on August 18, 2011

Hubs Are Unique

There are many positives about Hubs. HUBs can be informative and give us great information on how to, or what's safe,or what's new, or just be fun to read and write. Hubs can be entertaining and give us many hours of good reading about shared interests, such as animals, pets,house cleaning tips, cooking and recipes, dieting tips, important info about medicine or diseases and their causes.

Hubs can provoke thought and change minds about many topics of special interest to its readers. Hubs can motivate a lot of participation from folks with the same or conflicting ideas and opinions. One of my hubs had only six readers in several weeks and another had seventy in just one week. Some hubs are interesting to readers and some only a few are inclined to read about your writing. Hubs are great fun and give a lot of people the chance to voice their views about politics or laws, or candidates running for office and their qualifications. Some may be opposing others, but everyone gets a chance to speak their minds. It's gratifying to find many who have the same values, or interests, or devotion to a subject as you may have.

Hubs can provide a form of therapy for many who are locked into a wheel chair, or their homes and unable to get out and do things that they were once able to experience. Writing or reading hubs gives the chance to remember the good old days or the wild blue yonder , or that bubbling brook where you used to play when you were a kid without a care in the world. Was it a girl or guy you once knew or a friend that you may share with readers so that they may experience the warmth and personality or feel the anger or remorse that you may have felt.You may get a chance to relive days gone by in your hubs or tell of an exciting time that will convey your excitement that will be shared to all who read.

Hubs can give entertainment in reading about strange phenomena you or others have encountered such as UFOs, Big Foot, wild animals,and ghostly spirits in the night. Your hubs may create fright or fun at Halloween or other holidays celebrated during the various times of the year. Strange creatures such as giant birds or those which have a multitude of descriptions that all differ in some way, but produced the same fear factor all over the world, and may have been seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses. Accounts of abduction by E.T.s or seeing bizarre walking or flying creatures may be written of and given accounts about in the experiences of the writers. Readers have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they believe what is told about in the hubs or mark it off as tall tales spun by big imaginations.

Hubs can be astounding and show great amounts of research and give very interesting information on such subjects as "The Big Bang Theory",theory of Evolution or Creation, or new inventions that may have changed the world. There may be interesting statistics dealing with science and important health facts that may help change people's lives for the better. There may be accounts about new discoveries in the animal world or sightings about the Loch Ness Monster. There may be news of sightings of relatives of what mankind may have thought to be extinct reptile creatures, such as those sighted in South America and some Island Countries. News about giant octopus or squid that have been seen in oceans around the world for centuries, may be on the tab for subjects of interest. Maybe it will be about the numerous sightings of U.S.O.s, or unidentified undersea objects, that so many on ships have witnessed in ancient times on Columbus's voyage and on modern day ships at sea, as well. New strains of illness, important vaccines, medication for unhealthy patients or children who may suffer from a wide variety of problems, The field of science and science fiction are loaded with many possibilities for today's hub writers. There are many eager readers and writers who wish to share on their hub pages.

Hub pages affords many the ability to share the human experiences that unite us all and make us feel that what we have to say is important, and that we really have a lot in common all around the country and the world in which we live. Enjoy your Hubbing!


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    • Abundant old soul profile image

      Abundant Old Soul 6 years ago from united states

      Keep up the good work. I feel connected to the Hub community when I read things like this.