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When you leave this earth, how do you want to be remembered?

Updated on February 24, 2009
Georgian Peach in Illinois
Georgian Peach in Illinois

Bury Me Under...

I don't want to be remembered with tears.  Only smiles and even Greater Laughter.  I've been so greatly blessed in my life, they are far to many to state.  So Please don't shedd one tear.  That would be a time to celebrate my going home. 

To remember me the best is...bury my ashes with at the roots of a new peach tree.  They as it grows and brings forth new, beautiful fruit each year, so shall I be.  Each time you pick and eat I'll fill your every area of your being, I'll always be with you. We will be as one renewed with each new year, and each taste kiss upon your lips.


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    • FeniqueS profile image

      A F Stiger 8 years ago from Home

      Thank you, Nayberry I must also agree with you, there have been people that have done things that I did not like. I've held no illwill towards them and have gained a richness because of them. I've found for me the best lessons are the ones hardest learned from those persons.

    • Nayberry profile image

      Nayberry 8 years ago from

      Beautiful sentiments. I want to be remembered for my spirit of love. I have disliked things in life that people have done, but I can honestly say that I habour no hate for anyone. I want to be remembered for that.

      I love the peach tree thought. It symbolizes the desire to leave a piece of yourself behind for others to cherish and be comforted by.

      Good job!