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Where To Get Hubpages Writing Ideas

Updated on October 10, 2011
Writing ideas
Writing ideas

Find ideas everywhere

To find writing ideas you need to search for them.

1. Use Google keyword tool. Google keyword tool will give you up to 200 similar words related to the keyword you searched for. This tool is great also to see if the topic is popular or not. 97% of the people use a search engine so if a topic is not popular on Google, it is not popular anywhere else. Google keyword tool is an endless source of writing ideas. Make a list of keyword topics and write a hub for each keyword. You can make a list of a thousand topics easily and in less than five minutes.

2. Use Google News to get writing ideas. Here topics are always fresh and they have the highest demand.

3. Use Google Alerts to get ideas everyday. Google keyword tool gives you the topics but Google alerts will give you the content to write about. If you combine the two tools you have an endless supply of ideas and content to write about. Insert all the Google keyword tools in Google alerts and get ideas and content everyday.

4. Use RSS to get even more ideas. Subscribe to sites related to the topics you like and get these news on Google Reader.

5. Google News can be used with RSS which means even more news directly to Google Reader.


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