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Which Videos Should I Watch To Make More Money With Google Adsense

Updated on June 17, 2011
Watch Videos If you want to earn more with Adsense
Watch Videos If you want to earn more with Adsense

You Need Videos To Prosper in Google Adsense

We all know what videos are; recordings of images and pictures. There are videos created specifically for Google Adsense, and these Adsense videos are packed with enough information and instructions to help you maximize your Google Adsense income in the shortest possible timeframe. Believe me, I watched some of these videos, and I couldn’t stop screaming with my mouth agape till the end of it, and I equally learnt new exciting secrets till the end of the videos. So if you are wondering which videos will help make money with Google Adsense, stop now and take a breath of joy because this hub will give you a good list of best Adsense videos in the market today based on experience and not just hearsay?

More and more publishers are joining this business of making money with Google Adsense day after day, but not all are making good income from it. The reason why most publishers are not making good income from Google Adsense is because they think its as simple as churning out hundreds of articles per day, so they ignore to research about Google Adsense as their business. Obviously, being prolific is one of the requirements of making good income with Adsense and neither is it the only requirement to earn good income with Google Adsense program.

You need books to profit in google adsense
You need books to profit in google adsense

Reading Books and Watching Videos Helps To Earn More With Adsense

Just like I said in one of my hubs: Books You Need To Make More Money With Google Adsense, that every publisher who wishes to make big money with Google Adsense must research about Adsense the same way he or she would research about his offline business. And how do you carry out this research?

If you want to research about Google Adsense as your business, you need to read books on Google Adsense, visit blogs, hubs and sites related to Google Adsense program, and finally you need to watch quality Adsense videos to complete your research. If you combine all these three materials, I bet you will be smiling to the bank big time, and not just to cash out a $300 cheque, but something much more bigger than that.

To find out the books you need to read to make more money with Google Adsense program, check out this popular hub: Books You Need to Make More Money with Google Adsense.


One of the advantages of videos in making money with adsense and other affiliate marketing programs, is the easy-to-follow illustration of procedures and actions using animation and visual direction. This is especially very useful for those that finds it difficult to understand certain web terms. For instance, a tutorial on adsense may be talking about ‘adding channels’ or ‘ad units’, and the person following this tutorial may not be sharp or knowledgeable enough to understand exactly what and where to find these things: ‘channels’ or ‘ad units’, but through a video tutorial, the person will be able to grab the instruction immediately without any ambiguity in putting it to work.

Videos will also assist you in learning the various tools and tabs used in google adsense dashboard. These are just few of the numerous advantages of videos in making more money with google adsense program.


Now back to videos that help make money with Google adsense. I am going to start with the first two that I have watched, and then the ones my friends testified about and recommend. Forgive me if I fail to go into a detailed review of the videos, but believe me, any video I mentioned here is worth paying for, don’t fail to give it a try because they are packed with solid information that will change your whole knowledge and wisdom about making money with Google Adsense, and by the time you finish watching any of them, your adsense income will amaze you.


Keyword Academy is no longer a new phrase or name to most online publishers who are determined to earn big with Google Adsense. Despite the popularity of the Keyword Academy, most publishers are yet to give it a try either because they cannot afford to pay for it or they don’t just believe in it. But the good news I have for you if your reason for not using this tool to increase your adsense income is because you do not have the money to pay for it, is that you can still benefit from this wonderful tool for free.

To watch some informative videos that will help you improve your adsense earnings overnight, signup for a keyword academy account. You can sign up for a free trial account with keyword academy and enjoy the free trial videos, they are also amazing, and if you find it interesting, you can then go ahead to subscribe or you can cancel your subscription. But I bet you won’t ever think of cancelling your account after the free trial days…but fee free to explore the amazing adsense videos for free.


I am not here to make a tall list of videos just to fill the space on my article; my interest is to recommend the best videos that would help you earn more money as an internet marketer. So feel free to get any of these videos I mentioned, they are really helpful in maximizing internet income.

Therefore, I recommend that you get a copy of this video today to discover the secrets of making money on the internet.

I shall stop here for now, as I continue to research more on the other videos I have, to ensure that I present the best adsense videos that will help you to make money with google adsense


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