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Who will be lucky to Son Doong in summer 2016?

Updated on March 21, 2016

It is expected that in 2016 there will be a maximum of 500 visitors to discover Son Doong is the expensive ticket prices of about $ 3,000. This has led to the Son Doong chance shrunk and VIB Bank has confirmed will donate 10 tickets to Son Doong right in summer 2016 for our customers.

Do Minh Anh Son (40 years), a software engineer in Hanoi said the inherent travel preferences and discoveries, he and his family arrived in a lot of places, landscapes. However, Son Doong, the most famous landmark is located in Vietnam, he has only been seen on television and pictures.

"Since 2014, I have been looking forward to coming here, but very rare ticket to Son Doong. At contact me and they say to wait until 2016 to turn new "- Son share. Meanwhile, Hong Ming (4th year student at the University of Architecture) expressed regret: "Maybe after a very long time could he intends to accomplish this. Listen to Son Doong sure ticket prices to $ 3,000, is a normal wage is difficult to dream of it. "

Son Doong travel start from 2013, however, the number of tourists coming here are few, which, part of the reason in order to protect the pristine original condition of the wonders of this age millions of years. Company Profile tourism operators here said, in 2016, the world's largest cave is further Quang Binh province to exploit the limit of 500 guests, the schedule, the tour remains the same as 2015, and the current list of customers already booked tour. One of the lucky visitors can admire the beauty of Son Doong

However, you can still come to Son Doong even in summer 2016 and is completely free. That is thanks to a number of businesses and organizations have donated the opportunity to admire the unique beauty of Son Doong cave for their clients. Most recently the bank can mention VIB program "Discover the VIB Son Doong" with 10 trips Son Doong expedition in summer 2016 shortly for VIB MasterCard credit cardholders, customer savings and customer borrowers in the period from 01/03 to 04/29/2016.

Accordingly, only 01 million payment transactions / withdraw cash with a credit card or MasterCard VIB 20 million savings term of 3 months or more, or 10 million disbursed or during the program , customers will receive a code VIB lottery for a chance to discover the beauty of endless largest natural cave in the world - Son Doong and other attractive prizes depending on the product involved, including: 10 tours Son Doong explorer 65 million VND / decoding, 10 Da Nang trip for 2 people worth 25 million VND / trip, travel vouchers worth 500 USD / voucher.

This program introduces the preferential interest rate 8.49% / year during the first 6 months. After the grace period, the interest rate is calculated using the interest rate for 12 month term savings + 3.6% / year. In addition, VIB also no annual fee the first year for new customers opening credit cards MasterCard and VIB have incurred at least one payment transactions / withdrawals during the promotional side. At the same time, a total of 1,500 travel bag designed exclusively by designer Do Manh Cuong will also be donated to the open new credit card holders with a total value of payment transactions and cash withdrawals reached VND 5 million soon 03 and 04/2016 of May.

According to Mr. Godfrey Swain - Head of Retail Banking VIB, "with award travel to the unique wonders of the world, the practical incentive pricing program" Discover Son Doong along VIB " and service quality constantly improving, we believe that customers will have a great experience not only with the products and services of the VIB but in life. ". With a width of 150 meters, higher than 200 meters, a length of nearly 9 km, estimates of Hang Son Doong capacity is 38.5 million cubic meters, surpassing the Deer Cave in the Gunung Mulu National Park Malaysia (High 100 m, width 90 m, length 2 km) and become the largest natural cave in the world.


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