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Why Article SEO Does Not Work

Updated on February 8, 2012

The problem aren't the keywords

Keywords aren't really the problem when it comes to article writing. If you submit the same article to two diferent places, your article is going to two two completely different ranks, any day of the week.

I used to write articles for my blogs and eHow and the same article on eHow would get higher search engine ranks than the same article (rewritten of course) would get.

The same is true for articles that you submit for Hubpages, if you are just beginning it will be very hard to get a high rank since Hubpages does not know you and does not trust you - yet. The same hub written by two completely different people will get a distinct rank.

Is this fair?

What can you do?

Keep writing hubs, big hub, with lots of content until you get high ranks. Once you do, write even more to enjoy all that traffic.

To make things worse, no computer is able to judge any piece of information based just on the links it has to it. If you write a new article then it is impossible to rank high because the article does not have links yet. On the other hand if you use Google and you write an article many times better than the article at the top - there is no way your page is going to rank higher than the page already there at the top.

Also, there is no way to change this.

Will you ever be able to make a better search engine?

Have you ever used Bing?

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