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Why Hubpages

Updated on March 6, 2011

Take the Time to Compose and Restructure Your Work

What Hubpages Does for Me

I want to start out by saying that I love writing. It is a way of expressing myself and letting others know how I feel and think. Hubpages allows me to do that. It gives me tools that I can use to help troubleshoot problems and also to help me improove my writing. Through forums, feedbacks, help and answers, and reading the many hubs of others you can almost immediately began to increase your writing skills. It is also a way to interact with others and compare ideas, and hang out in the Jubpages community. There are many clever ways to sell and promote your products as well as to sell ideas. As a matter of fact I bought a product as a result of this. I must remind you that you must keep within the guidelines. Your material belongs to you as well. There is so much information by a vast majority of writers that write with amazing skill. I have been inspired to try much harder to improove my skills by reading others' hubs. It was once stated on one of my home pages provided by my carrier that my writing was mediocre at best. I felt offended of course but after reading others's works I found that they could write all over me and I thought I wasn't that bad. Then again I found some that I thought wrote elimentary. Now this is not to lash out at anyone its simply to let you know just how the range of writing is. Just by reading hubs you can boost traffic, improove readership, and be inspired to improve. Hubpages provides you with forums, groups tools, and feedback and technical support. I wrote a pryer article about having a successful hub and someone thought that it was funny. That was their right to think that way but I believe that anyone who reads and uses the help available here that they will find significant improvement in ther ability to write very vividly, discriptively, with powererful insight and motivation and creativity and a much improved vocabulary. My dream for me is today maybe not much significance but in the future to become a powerful stimulating inovative force and somone you would love to follow in the future. Hubpages provides me with all the time I need to either just write or really make a difference. Whether you want to express yoursel, or really become a serious author, this is the place to be. For years I had had personal websites that hardly ever had any hits at all. My words were lost at a cost of paying for a service that did not satisfy my needs. Here you have a free service and a chance to make money as well. Already I have had nearly 1500 or more hits. This for some people in the few short monts I have been here is not saying a lot but i've reached more people than I have on any of my paid websites. I do not expect to profit from this testimony rather it is to encourage you to encourage others to work with what could be a natural tallent. This could be a beginning of a bright future for budding authors and journalists.



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    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 6 years ago from India

      Hi proactrdv, very nice hub, i am not new anymore but i have to think a lot about what to write so only 66 hubs in nearly 2 years.

    • proactrdv profile image

      proactrdv 6 years ago from United States of America

      Thanks for your suggestion

    • profile image

      AntonOfTheNorth 6 years ago

      Hello, proactrdv

      I'm new to Hub myself and happened upon your article.

      I like the enthusiasm, thanks for that.

      One suggestion. I think your article would benefit from white spaces. Separating your paragraphs with space makes it easier to read, particularly in a a scrolling environment.

      just a thought, and thanks for the article.