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Why HubPages Was Right For You All Along

Updated on December 10, 2012
Sign Up If You Haven't Already!
Sign Up If You Haven't Already! | Source

One Hundred Spanking Hubs completed and I can honestly say that I have no regrets at all concerning my commitment to HubPages!

Today there are just so many writing websites out there, and so it gets really frustrating thinking about how you might be wasting your time on one site since there might be a much better one somewhere else. After careful research and determined probing, It is clear to me that Hubpages IS that somewhere else!

This hub's purpose is to ease any Hubber out there who is asking similar questions - allow me to prove to you that HubPages is by far the best of all options...

Note: I am not saying that HubPages is perfect, it's not. But that's why there is a dedicated team out there brainstorming and asking us hubbers what wethink (even via Skype meetings now!).

Read on to see why Hubpages truly reigns supreme!


1. Money

Believe it or not, out of all of the websites I've tried (ExpertsColumn, Wikinut, Triond, Knoji), Hubpages pays far more than any other.

For example, if you see the ExpertsColumn website (which actually requires a fairly long application process, question answering and lengthy confirmation times), you will see that the average amount of money paid to you for 1000 views is $1.50.

Comparatively, you will find that HubPage's Ad Scheme will give you $3.33 for 1000 views!

In addition, you get the benefit of Google Adsense 'pay per click' adverts and Amazon capsules!

This just goes to show you that the more 'prestigious' sites with lengthier application processes and harder regulations don't actually pay you more for the advertising space you generate than the easier ones like good old HubPages!

Not with HubPages!
Not with HubPages! | Source

2. Time

One of the best things about HubPages is just the sheer speed at which you can start and finish a new hub.

Apart from the necessary tags, topic and title, Hubpages lets you get straight into your article. If HubPages was your first writing website then you're probably thinking "What? That's not very impressive!" but if you have a look at other websites you'll see that HubPages is truly the easiest to handle!

I haven't found a single other website out there that lets me publish an article online, without moderation - instantly.

Adding to that is the ease of adding capsules and functions to your article whilst you're actually writing it. The use of the "add capsule" drag-slide makes it so easy to add anything you want in no time at all.

Lastly, for hubbers that likes to write a series of hubs such as myself, the "copy template" ability is a real time saver and helps me to stay structurally consistent (to promote continuity) without wasting time!

After all is considered, it is clear that as far as time is concerned, HubPages is no.1!

If HubPages was a person.
If HubPages was a person. | Source

3. Flexibility

One of the most striking thing I found about the writing websites I researched was their complete lack of flexibility. Next to HubPages, other writing websites seemed like they were ten years behind structurally and functionally - they forget that writing comfortably without finicking about is a prime concern for many writers.

Sites recommended to me by veteran authors allowed only one small, unadjustable photo on the right of a capsule (Wikinut) or even worse, made you choose just ONE photo out of of small numbers of pre-selected (based on the tags you provided!) photos to sum up the entire article!

Another under-appreciated feature is the "add from URL" function which allows much faster photo-adding which you may be shocked to find out not all websites provide!

Furthermore, as aforementioned the drag-slide makes it easy to add various new capsules (most of which are impossible to include on the other sites), whilst the reorder section on the right of every in-editing hub makes it very simple to rearrange your work.

Personally, I took simple functions (of which there are many more) like these for granted, but one look at any other writing website and you'll see the difference: the flexibility of HubPages cannot be undermined.

4. Aesthetics

My Article '6 Reasons Religion Is Dying" on HubPages!
My Article '6 Reasons Religion Is Dying" on HubPages! | Source
One of my articles "All 200 AS Kanji" on Wikinut. Note the obstructing advert and awkward layout.
One of my articles "All 200 AS Kanji" on Wikinut. Note the obstructing advert and awkward layout. | Source

4. Simply Nicer

HubPages not only boasts functionality but also reigns futuristic in terms of its aesthetics! Although not customisable, HubPages offers a sleek, uncluttered and visually pleasing layout. The advertising space is integrated well and doesn't distract from the content.

Compare the screen shot of my article above with some of my articles on other websites!

Being aesthetically pleasing clearly offers the benefits of being more pleasant for our readers which of course means more traffic and more gratitude for our efforts!

Note the advertising spaces and layout on the other articles!

An article from Ezine articles - not too bad, but you don't get paid for writing here!
An article from Ezine articles - not too bad, but you don't get paid for writing here! | Source
A google search of "Religion Is Dying" showing my article in the top 2 searches (Rank 1 is a site linking to my article).
A google search of "Religion Is Dying" showing my article in the top 2 searches (Rank 1 is a site linking to my article).

5. Google Ranking

This is by far the hardest one to prove concerning the different writing websites (due to niches, competition, tag-efficiency etc.), but from my own personal experience I can honestly tell you that the articles I published on HubPages have had much higher google ranking (top 5) than those posted on Wikinut or Experts Column.

Of course, a higher ranking for suspected searches is great for traffic and so subsequently for money and appreciation of your work. This was the most important reason for me and remains today the reason for why I continue writing at HubPages and nowhere else.

A strong community makes for excelled performance!
A strong community makes for excelled performance! | Source

6. The HubPages Community

One last factor of this writing site is the welcoming and warm-hearted community that you immediately join upon signing up!

Because of the nature of a free and for the most part unrestricted writing website, Hubbers here on HubPages are so welcoming and friendly to almost anyone, even if they do not have an immediate interest in their topics of choice!

The Facebook'esque Newsfeed also facilitates an easy way of keeping up with followers. Similarly the HubPages e-mails entailing all your recent activity makes sure you don't miss anything. These features aren't there for other writing sites which require you to check your friends' work regularly and don't encourage communal activity.

Friends and exchange are one of the best parts of joining Hubpages!

To Conclude

HubPages has proven to me that it is by far the best of all options. If my hub hasn't convinced you, then take a look for yourself at rival websites like: knoji, triond or ExpertsColumn and just see the difference - there are countless things you can see in HubPage's favour!

So if you haven't already, sign up to HubPages!

Please take the time to comment and leave your opinions/additions!

Would you agree that HubPages is the best writing site you've seen?

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