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Why HubPages Will Increase In Value

Updated on August 8, 2013

The Value Of User Generated Content

The value of user generated content has increased greatly as industry and government develop a greater awareness of what can be mined from social media sites. Data mining is not simply tracking a users cookies to see what sites an individual person may visit, or what products an individual orders. Data mining is looking at “big data”. Data mining digs through huge stores of data, searching content for patterns and relationships. User generated content is available on social media sites such as personal blogs, Facebook, Google+, and writer's sites such as HubPages and Squidoo. Although these sites aren't allowed to sell personally identifiable information (such as phone numbers or addresses), they can provide aggregate data. When properly analyzed, such data can spot trends and give valuable insight into the public mind. Social media chatter as well as content on blogs and writing sites such as HubPages serve as a vast oceans of knowledge to be mined for opinions and trends. Through data mining, the probability of a movie's success or the popularity of a political candidate can be measured. It can spot trends in product marketing, finance, social dynamics and even public health. Data mining is a knowledge discovery tool that offers the ability to discover new information as well as predicting outcomes. It's power and potential is seen as gold by the marketing industry, and I believe that sites offering such content will only increase in value.

Why HubPages Is Perfectly Positioned For This Market

There are 4 things that I see in HubPages that will make it an extremely valuable resource for data mining:

  1. Authenticity of content – Because HubPages does not dictate the subject matter of content, the writing that occurs on HubPages is authentic. The openness of the platform promotes and encourages users to write original hubs that they are genuinely interested in, thereby making trend spotting and prediction more possible. Other platforms that dictate content and focus on keywords (content farms) do not provide very valuable data because it's not reflective of the author's genuine interest in the subject.
  2. HubPages offers rich forums and lively user interaction – This is a critical component of data mining. The chatter that forums produce greatly contribute to getting a better picture of the public consciousness. All you have to do is read through the HubPages forums to see the genuine interest that certain subjects spark.
  3. HubPages offers users the chance to ask questions – The questions that show up on HubPages as well as the answers offer useful data. Questions that get plenty of responses show that the public is interested in these subject areas.
  4. HubPages offers the chance for users to rate content – The popularity of topics and viewpoints can easily be seen by the data gathered through the HubPages rating system. Votes up, useful, funny, awesome, beautiful and interesting can be gathered along with links to other social media such as Facebook, Tweeter and Pinterest. The popularity of a subject is a big component in spotting trends and opinions. Hubpages not only offers the means for users to vote on hubs, but encourages it.

Data mining gets the big picture
Data mining gets the big picture | Source

Don't Worry – It's Not Personal!

If you are a HubPages contributor, you don't have to worry about the data mining of your content or the social interaction that you engage in. As I stated in the opening paragraph, data mining is looking at “big data” - the overall big picture. Nothing is personally identifiable – it's all about aggregated data. Data mining is a rapidly exploding trend that will continue. If you are part of the HubPages community, you will only benefit from being associated with a platform that will increasingly be seen as a valuable resource. After all, like it or not, that's what keeps social media sites going. It's all about marketing!

© 2012 Margaret Perrottet


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