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Why Hubpages is Better Than Your Own Blog

Updated on May 29, 2013

I  have started a couple of blogs and websites before I joined, and started writing on Hubpages. I abandoned all of these sites and blogs shortly after, because I wasn’t getting any visitors, or only one or two visitors, and even those very infrequently. Needless to say that I only made a few cents with AdSense here and there. Here at Hubpages, however I started to earn money almost immediately, although only a few cents here and there.

Hubpages has a ready to go community, which means automatic traffic instantly. You do not need to build your readership, that is, you do not need to promote the online writings. If you write quality articles (hub), hubpages members (hubbers) will automatically find you. For those who do not enjoy promoting, but likes to write, and share information, Hubpages is the ideal place to write at.

Hubpages is also SEO optimized, meaning that you don’t need to optimize your hubs, it is already taken care of for you. Of course doing some basic things like optimizing keywords helps, but it is not a necessity for search engines, most notably Google to rank your hubs high.

The site also gives you a minimum of 2 automatic, instant backlinks from a high Google PR site = a link to your hub on your profile and on your hubs list page. This alone helps your search engine rankings, as Google is all about having high PR links to your pages, especially if they are one way links, meaning that you do not need to link back to them on your articles (hubs).

The Editor tool offers many useful, easy to add content, like news feeds, RSS feeds, Google maps, quiz , etc. This makes your hubs unique compared to regular articles and blogposts, and they also increase time spent by your visitors on your hubs, which in turn increases your chances that the visitor will click on your AdSense ads or by something at Amazon or Ebay.

No niche requirement – as there are many writers (hubbers) writing regularly in many different topics, there is no need to stick to only one niche, your site/blog needs up to only two topics, so that the search engine robots will know what to expect when they visit your site.

When you have a problem, you can ask it in the forum of Hubpages, you do not need to register at still another site (forum).

Please share YOUR opinion! Thank You!

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    • astigpinoy16 profile image

      astigpinoy16 7 years ago from Philippines

      Your hub is great, I am new to HP, now I am thinking to leave my wordpress account and just put my articles here. Your hub is very helpful to me. Am a bit confused actually where to put my article now seems everything is okay. Thanks!