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Why I Call Myself prairieprincess

Updated on June 15, 2015

A princess living on the prairies?

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History of Internet User Names

A recent question on Hubpages Answers asked how we chose our Hubpages name, and whether or not the name brought us traffic. I will share my answer about why I call myself prairieprincess, but first let's look at some background on the subject of internet "handles," as they used to be called.

The subject of user names on the Internet seems to have evolved. There was a time when you would be considered a high risk taker if you put your name "out there" on the Internet. Instead, it was considered prudent and sensible to hide behind a pseudonym if you were going to put your thoughts out there on the "big bad web." .

Now, with the advent of Google Plus and Linkin, it's almost a requirement to have an online presence. And Facebook has been another huge encouragment for people to use their real names, so that others can connect with them and find them by name. For more on the subject of choosing a Hubpages name, check out this thorough article by WannaBeWestern.

However, pseudonyms are still used, especially when a person wants to keep their personal writing separate from their professional life. Until recently, this was the route that I chose, although I sometimes go now by first name, Sharilee.

My name is prairieprincess

On Hubpages, I am known as "prairieprincess." I am often called "PP." Why such a name? Am I really a princess living on the prairies? Well, as much as I would love to be a princess, it's really just a name. This is my explanation of how I chose this name and what it means to me.

My first use of the name "prairieprincess" was when I first learned e-mail back in1996. My first letter was to a friend in Australia and I affectionately signed off as the "Prairie Princess," a way of reminding him that I was still back in the prairies where he was from.

I left the name alone for a while but then ressurected it when I started some online ventures. I am still known by prairieprincess, or a close likeness at several other sites.

Does my name help get me traffic?

Does the name, "prairieprincess" help me get traffic? I don't think so. But it is memorable and I think that does help create a brand for myself. I have a certain kind of writing that people expect.

When I started connecting with Hubpages members on Facebook, several asked if they could just call me, "pp," because that is how they knew me. They remembered the moniker, prairieprincess.

Why I Like the Name prairieprincess

Why did I continue to use the name, prairierprincess? Is it just a habit because I can't be bothered thinking up another name? Well, I do like the continuity of having the same name across several platforms.

But, I also really like this name. First of all, it connects me with the prairies. I was born in a prairie town (Drumheller, Alberta, Canada) and I love the wild feeling of the wind blowing through your hair. The prairie sunsets are amazing and there is a raw, open beauty about the prairies.

In university, I took a class in which we studied Canadian prairie writers, such as Margaret Lawrence and Carol Shields. We examined the way their work was influenced by the prairie landscape: big, open and undefined. I am sure if the prairies influence me creatively, although I can't define how.

I also like this name because of the word, "princess." When I was young, my Mom teased me by calling me a "princess." And it does kind of fit. I am definitely not mechanical, or practical, although I try to be. And I think I've always had my head in the clouds a little too much, at least according to my parents. Like Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables, I was often too busy dreaming up an idea to tend to what needed doin'!

One more reason that I love the name, princess, is that it reminds me as a Christian, I am a child of God, or "his princess."

A strange connection

In the ancient Jewish culture, names were thought to be of great importance. Names were considered prophetic, a prediction of what a person's life would be like, and an indication of their character. Therefore, naming a child was a very holy event.

I was intrigued, therefore, to find out that my pen name, prairieprincess, which I have now used for 13 years, actually has a connection to my own given name, Sharilee. First of all, the word, "lee," refers to plains, or prairies. And the first part of my name, "Shari," is sometimes considered a derative of the name, "Sara," which means "princess," in Hebrew.

When I chose the name, prairie princess, I did not realize this but it seemed like a wink from God when I found this information out. I really am a "Prairie Princess!"


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