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Why I Quit Writing On Hubpages

Updated on October 22, 2015
Ready to start!
Ready to start! | Source

The Beginning

I signed up for Hubpages 5 years ago as I moved to Germany. I had no job, no friends, a lot of time to think and try out new things. Everyone went on and on about how easy and great it was to earn money online and seemingly Hubpages was the best place to start. Of course, I never carried myself away with thoughts of becoming a millionaire here but I hoped, I really hoped it was true what people said. "If there is at least some chance to earn some money on a monthly basis, that would be awesome," I thought to myself. I still think the same, but "if" is the keyword here.

First hubs

My first hubs were of educational nature - I thought some people would want to know the things I wrote about because I needed that information as I started working in the field and none was there, not even at the time when I started writing on Hubpages. Today, these hubs are constantly being copied and I became pretty irritated filing complaints so that I eventually gave up and let it be.

Technical stuff

All the other hubs took me so much time to write because of the whole keyword research thing, SEO and all the other useful things you must know in order to get anyone to read your hubs. I did a lot of research on people who've actually made it doing this job (online writing on revenue-sharing sites) but until today I haven't figured out how they did it. Of course, they don't really share how they've made it - some are nice and give you some tips and some ignore you or give funny comments like "What goes around, comes around" ;)

One thing is for certain, they possess knowledge you and I may never gain in life and most of them have money to take risks and invest into this kind of business (keyword tools, SEO tools, etc).



It's not like I've never seen a cent from all of the work I've done; every two or three months I can buy a present for myself (but not an expensive one) and I guess, that's success, too. Some people really don't see a penny, not ever.

However, when I think about the work and time I invested in all of my hubs, I must honestly say, it didn't pay off. Not at all!

Is It All About the Money?

Earnings or not, I don't regret joining Hubpages. I've learned so much here! I've also met nice people with whom I'm in contact even today. I even had a feeling some of them were my friends.

Reading what others have written, commenting, asking and answering questions - it was all fun and still is! I think Hubpages is a great community and in this sense it definitely pays off to sign up and try everything you can!

Bear this in mind! If i didn't succeed, it doesn't mean you won't either! (Under "didn't succeed" I mean in terms of making money - the truth is, most people sign up for this reason - to make money!)

Other Revenue-Sharing Websites

I've checked and tried out some other revenue-sharing websites, but for me, Hubpages turned out to be the best! If you don't succeed, it's not because Hubpages isn't a good website - it's for some other reason which I can only guess - this is probably indivĂ­dual.

I got some feedback on earning money online from the most successful person over on Infobarrel who was also successful on Seekyt but not on Hubpages - why - this remains a puzzle for me until this day. As I tried to figure out what I'm missing by going through all of his articles trying to figure out what "sells," I ended up knowing less than when I first started - such stupid topics I thought to myself - are people really searching for this stuff?

As I said, successful online writers know things I'll probably never learn.

Books and References for Learning

I could make a long list of books I bought in order to learn more and start earning but it won't make any use because this didn't help. The books look nice on my bookshelf, though!

Time to Stop

When is the time to stop and should you stop at all? That depends on your goal. I come back every now and then to check my balance history but also to see if there are any comments on my hubs and how many people visit my pages on average. Then, I read some stuff written by other people - that's always interesting - much more interesting than my statistics :)

In the meanwhile, I started working and there wasn't any time to experiment anymore.

The time to stop is then when you just don't feel like it anymore. What's really cool is that you can also come back any time you want!

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    • vox vocis profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wishes here :) I'll keep you posted.

    • tlcs profile image

      Trudy Cooper 

      3 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Good luck in whatever path you choose.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 

      3 years ago from Long Island, NY

      You experience proves what Google has been telling us lately. Their new algorithms detect quite well when someone is putting effort into using keywords rather then just concentrating on writing quality content. Let me know how things improve now, but give it time. It doesn't happen overnight.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      3 years ago from West By God

      In the last 2 years they have changed their intor page to making money to make a little bit of money and now it has nothing about making money at all. The first check I got was the $100.00 Three Years after I started writing here. I have been here almost 7 years now and I do not make even $20.00 in three months. We are not supposed to disclose any of our income per the TOS, but what does that really say about HubPages and their internet presence? Someone asked about when and how often HP updates their stats. What a joke! It is rare that they have the stats correct at any given time. The moderator told him to look at Google Adsense and I asked why we have to go to an alternative source that should be right here to see our views. I have had zero views for the last 4 days and have had many comments. It is a programmable function tht should be up to date for this site only and not rely on an outside source. Go figure!!

      I did quit twice and took all but a few of my hubs off. I am adding some back and rebuilding them. Though most are featured I still do not get that my stats say that I have zero views. I am in the beginnings of having my own website because I can add as many advertising links as I want and that includes Amazn stores and individual ads. This place used to be fun, as you say. Yes and then it got too hard to keep up with all their requirements.

    • vox vocis profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      That's a good tip, thank you! Well, I deleted the hubs which didn't get any traffic because I didn't like them anyway. Some of them were experiments with keywords and SEO but inspite of all of the work, it didn't pay off. On the contrary, the hubs where I didn't invest much time in keyword search and SEO perform good (if I can call their performance good). As soon as I find more time, I'll write more and do some updates as you recommended. Thanks again!

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 

      3 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Per your last reply, what I meant in my prior comment was that it's increasingly more worthwhile to work on hubs that ARE getting traffic. They end up doing even better then. Google doesn't seem to recognize updates done to low-traffic hubs. I find that it's much more difficult to pull them up again.

    • vox vocis profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Hey Glenn, thanks for stopping by again. I'll take your advice and see what I can do about the hubs which don't get much traffic. It'll be an interesting experiment ;) I'm glad you're doing fine here - it's always motivating to hear that it does pay off if you try hard enough!

    • vox vocis profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks for your comments! Like U.Mike said: some make it here, others somewhere else. It's not really true that you can't make money on HP, the question is if you're going to be the lucky one to succeed.

      @Christy: I haven't been active for a long time, this was actually my "come back" although the title says otherwise :) I'll stick around because I like this community.

    • Christy Kirwan profile image

      Christy Kirwan 

      3 years ago from San Francisco

      We'll be sad to see you go, but best of luck and thanks for being a part of our community for 5 years! Take care. :)

    • somethgblue profile image


      3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I voted its fun but you can't make any money here, so if that is your goal forget about it. However I enjoying writing for other reasons so, it is no big deal that I can't make money on this site.

    • vox vocis profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks for your comments!

      Hey billybuc, I've already checked your profile to see how you're doing :) Of course I'll stop by to say hello!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well I wish you well with your new job, and I hope you stop by occasionally and say hello. Best wishes to you.

    • misty103 profile image


      3 years ago

      Good Hub:)


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