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15 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Updated on November 5, 2016
something old and something new, what is better is up to you!
something old and something new, what is better is up to you!

Increase traffic... Increase traffic... GO!

1) Write Content that people will want to comment on: It doesn't need to be controversial or newly published but it does have to be a fine hub, but it needs to be something that people will say this is a good, fine hub, thanks for writing it. The simple reason for this is that for every comment a person makes it goes on their hub activity. Interaction on each hub is a good thing in this business, so interact with comments and use polls. Quality content is the most important of all and traffic will prove this to you, if you don't publish something great then fix it now.

2) To Begin with Write what you know about, and be confident: At the beginning of writing on hubpages you'll want to become a "voice" in one area, for me that was writing, and publishing. Then I moved on to writing and money. Once I became confident I write about how to for others. Expand your network and expand you business.This is the reason why we should care about writing.

3) Make it useful, for both you and your readers (traffic): If you don't want to go back and comment on a hub or a website, why would you expect others to? So many times I'll read a hub, and then see that there are many comments but none by the author of the hub. Yet at the same time there can be a lot of comments, but the content is not of use to the reader. The content and the comments are both a part of increasing traffic.

Of Money and Other Things

4) If you are looking to make money, or want this to be a full time job, then write well, and in time it will come:I tend to look at my writing as a business, but hubpages is a part of that business, I also have a blog and write online articles, but my reputation, and relationship with readers is the most valuable thing. If I changed that for more money... well that wouldn't be so good now would it? You are your reputation, use it well, and be helpful and something good will come of it. Money, Followers, Traffic, but show us you care about your writing.

5) Decide how to get the traffic to your hub:Simply put if you have a blog, and you like a hub, link it on your blog, put it on stumble upon, add it as an email signature, do the footwork before people even come to your hub. It takes time and a bit of luck. This is linking and social networking and networking. Do this, and the traffic will increase over time.  The key is to diversify where you add links.

6) Evergreen content is the key to long-term traffic to a website like your hub: Evergreen content is useful, full of facts and has something in general that a reader can take away with them.  It is designed with long-term business in mind where traffic will find it from many different sources.  Evergreen content, can and should be edited on a regular basis.

7) Make sure Google. MSN, and Yahoo can find your work:Other than traffic from hubpages itself, which is good to have, try to get something from the "big three." I know everyone talks about google, and rightly so, but people also use MSN, and Yahoo. You need to increase traffic from these sites, as the search engines often are the main way to make money online. How you can do this is by publishing great content, and working with keywords that work for your writing. Then and only then will the search engines see you, and you will have a potential to earn income.

Learn a bit about page rankings, and other ways to get traffic from search engines. Learning about SEO will help as well since knowing basic SEO is the key to search engine traffic. You need to be found by the search engines as well as everywhere else.

8) Who do you want to read This hub?: If you answer everyone, go back and think again. This is vital, as some people will read it and some won't and some will just hate it. Be prepared. For me this hub is geared to a specific group, now can you figure out who that is?

To make money you will need targeted traffic. This is the traffic which will increase over time when they notice your content is perfect for them. This will not only increase traffic but increase earnings.

9) When you are confident, learn some basic marketing: this means commenting on others hubs, learning from others, improving your writing, networking a hub, and learning from books and other sources. Also learn a bit on how page ranking works a a bit on keywords. don't be afraid that your first few attempts don't work, keep trying. Social Networking is a must, and so is SEO. You need traffic from as many sources as you can get.

Increase your Traffic Sources

10) Traffic comes from as many sources as you let it, figure out at least three: I always think of the rule of three, email, search engines and social networking sites. Not just hubpages, I count that automatically, as I have a fan base, but it took a while, and now I think of them when I write a hub. i also try to tell people about other great hubbers.

11) Mention people on your hubs: It's great to read a hub where people mention your name. The other thing is that this will often lead to comments from these very people. However, do not "name drop" for the sake of traffic. Your goal is to help other find their potential.

12) Mention You Hub On the one wesbite you know you should: For me if my hub is about writing or how to improve it, it will go on my writing hub simple as that, as a link and in a post. This is very quick and easy, and can also be done on other online writing sites.

If the topic is about travel it goes on my blog about Transylvania. If it is about writing or publishing it goes on my writing blog. I try to encourage people to read my hub and comment on my blog. I don't mention every hub, but I've learned to mentioned where there is the most potential to increase traffic

Whta is Good Daily Traffic for you?

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13) Be as interactive on your hubs as possible: I know this can go with others, but this is a simple one you can do, comment on your comments, and try to add a great hubber as a fan of yours, people will see it. I also add links and polls on my hubs, as people will hit a button for a poll. I add amazon books that can help a reader with more questions, links to other people's hubs, anything that can make a hub memorable. I believe one of the best are the polls, as it only takes about 5 seconds for someone to push a button.

14) Content Content and some Keywords: Yes content is important so important that one needs to remember that people won't keep coming back to your hubs if it's not. But keywords are just as important, for example if you want your hub to be found on google or MSN or yahoo, then keywords are vital, otherwise it will be lost in the search. think about content and some keywords which can help your traffic. Dont' worry to much about keywords ( called tags on a hub) until you are confident in your unpublished hub, do this before you publish a hub.

15) Above all, enjoy your hub: Sometimes, there is no helping a hub, it is meant for a few people and for a few views and not much more, and that is okay. Some hubs are meant for something greater and you need to work on getting traffic, and some hubs are for extra income, but whatever it's for remember to have fun. People will know if you live what you do.


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